How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should I Have?

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

There is nothing you appreciate more than clean underwear the day you run out. Knowing you’re going to have to turn your underwear inside out or go commando leaves a sinking feeling in your chest as you berate yourself for not doing your laundry on time. One really easy way to never have to do this is to have enough underwear in the first place!

Having enough pairs of underwear means you don’t have to do a wash every week and will give you enough leeway to put off chores for a few more days. But how many pairs is enough?

According to one survey, the average woman currently owns 34 pairs of underwear which seems like a decent amount. Split into 20 pairs for everyday wear and 14 for special occasions, that’s almost three weeks worth, plus a few for absolute emergencies.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, having enough pairs of underwear is essential. To find out how many pairs of underwear are enough pairs of underwear, check out the rest of this blog.

So, How Many Pairs of Underwear Should You Have?

Whether your underwear drawer is overflowing or is organized into neat little sections, you should always have enough pairs of underwear to be able to wear a new pair each day and not have to endure the same underwear two days in a row.

The standard recommendation is owning at least 20 – 25 everyday pairs and a few extras for special occasions. This gives you enough pairs of comfortable underwear to wear daily without having to have laundry days every week.

Overwashing of underwear can lead to wear and tear in your underwear collection and lead to a need to replace underwear much quicker than is necessary, and so, owning enough pairs of underwear so that you don’t have to wash every week, not only saves you time and money but also saves your underwear, giving them a longer life.

Many women will find the thought of only having 20 – 25 pairs of underwear completely insane. With special wear, workout panties, shapewear, and all those in between, many women have well over this figure, and that’s okay too.

Your underwear collection relies completely on your lifestyle. If you follow a minimalist lifestyle, have a capsule wardrobe, and have a strict laundry schedule, only having enough underwear for one week is perfectly fine.

Alternatively, if you travel a lot, have a hectic lifestyle, or just really love lingerie, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have more than 25 pairs.

Your collection does need variety, and it can’t all be everyday cotton panties. For instance, you need underwear in different materials for working out to ensure you’re wearing a moisture-wicking fabric. And so, 20 – 25 pairs of everyday underwear may be the absolute minimum for some people.

In addition to needing different kinds of underwear, there could be other constraints on how minimal or maximal your underwear drawer can be. Do you share a laundry room with a whole building and frequently find all the machines in use? Is your bedroom space limited, leaving only half a drawer for underwear? All these factors affect how many pairs of underwear you CAN own, never mind what you should own.

If you live a hectic, busy lifestyle, it could be worth stocking up on at least a month’s worth of underwear, allowing for a few weeks in between laundry days. The 20 – 25 fresh pairs rule (or a three-week supply) is a great baseline and ensures that if you’re in the middle of replacing, replenishing, or just revamping your underwear collection, you still have a few extra pairs.

You should also ensure that when your collection, small or large, gets old and worn, you begin replacing it. Underwear needs to be replaced to ensure it is still absorbing moisture, rather than trapping it, and working to maintain health.

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should I Have - EBY


If you’re wondering how many pairs of underwear you need, the baseline is usually around 20 -25 pairs, meaning you have one pair each day for at least three weeks. This leaves you with enough time to launder your underwear and have enough clean pairs for the time in between!

The average person will likely have quite a handful more than 20 – 25 pairs, with everyday wear undies, special occasion panties, and all the other different types of underwear that women own! The three-week supply rule is more a recommendation and not a strict rule!

You and your lifestyle set your own rules on how many pairs of underwear you need. Find a good balance between washing every week and having to wear your underwear inside out and you’ll find out exactly how many pairs you need.

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