Why Do We Wear Underwear? 11 Health Reasons Why You Should

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

How many tasks do you perform daily that you never seem to question? Five? Ten? All of them? The answer is different for all of us, but one thing we all do without a second thought is: wearing underwear. Sometimes we meet people who proudly pronounce their preference to go commando to anyone who will listen, and we judge them for it. But most of us don’t even know why we wear underwear…what is the purpose of underwear?

Whether you are the judge-y or the judge-er, it’s good to familiarize yourself with all the reasons why we wear underwear so that you can make an informed decision based on fact and not on feeling. Reasons like health concerns, societal norms, and fashion choices all play a part in why people wear underwear.

Why Do People Wear Underwear? 

Though going commando may offer freedom when it comes to mobility and fashion choices, there are important benefits to wearing underwear as well. There’s no arguing that not wearing underwear allows your genitals more space and airflow, but there are some things not worth sacrificing an infection for. 

Lower the Risk of Infection

Clean underwear is meant to act as a protective barrier from some bacteria, fungi, dirt, and other contaminants that may be lurking either in the air or in publicly accessible spaces. Wearing underwear is an especially hygienic practice if you regularly wear bottoms that only get washed on occasion. Creating a barrier between the potential dirt build-up and your private area is vital to preventing vaginal infections and irritations, and the easiest way to do that is by simply wearing underwear.

Protects Against Chafing and Rubbing

Going commando in certain types of bottoms, like jeans, can cause rubbing, chafing, pinching, or general discomfort. The right pair of underwear, however, will keep that from happening, like ours at EBY. EBYs are made from the most luxurious fabrics and are guaranteed to leave our customers with that barely-there feel! EBY sells a wide range of underwear styles, from thongs to shaping underwear, so you can have as much or as little coverage as you’d like without compromising vaginal health. Plus, our seamless design and uncontested no-slip grip keep the panty lines at bay, and the panties from slipping away! Interested in trying out a pair or two? Click here for more information. 

Prevents Genital Irritation

Why do we wear underwear, if not to keep our privates happy? As mentioned above, choosing not to wear underwear can cause irritation if you’re not careful. Our private parts are extremely sensitive and susceptible to inflammation, so when your vagina isn’t properly cared for, you could potentially develop a number of gynecological issues and damages down the line. It is important to do everything you can to prevent that from happening, and wearing underwear is a simple, uncomplicated way to do so. 

Prevents Acne in and Near Genital Area

Though we may not want to admit it, breakouts happen. Breakouts down there happen. An easy way to prevent the itching and discomfort that is brought upon by genital acne is  to use underwear that wicks away sweat and oils helping prevent build-up and clogged pores.

Why Do We Wear Underwear? 7 Health Reasons Why You Should - EBYProtects Against Leaking

Incontinence, menstruation, and vaginal discharge are just a few things that us women would love to live without but have zero control over. Nobody wants to deal with wet clothes, nor do they want to worry about hiding embarrassing wet stains, either. Underwear serves as the perfect barrier for keeping your clothes clean and dry, so even if you can’t control your body from leaking, at least you can go about your day pretending that you can. Plus, wearing underwear helps keep the odors of our bodily secretions out of other people’s noses. 

Provides Comfort

If you’re someone who prefers to go commando over wearing underwear because you think it’s more comfortable, it sounds like you need to look into getting more functional undergarments. Wearing tight underwear can obviously be extremely restrictive, but the key to all of this is: underwear shouldn’t be tight. They should be comfortable, in all senses of the word. Pantie briefs, boxer briefs, and breathable underwear are all examples of underwear that are created with maximum comfort in mind.

Prevents Camel Toe

As we all know by now, a “camel toe” is when the outline of the vulva can be seen in a pair of tight pants like leggings or skinny jeans. While going out sans underwear might seem like a good idea to avoid panty lines,  wearing tight clothes and no undies could easily lead to a camel toe catastrophe. Wearing underwear will help smooth out the appearance of your genitals to create a more seamless look, so you won’t have to worry about your gym clothes betraying you during your next workout. 

Keeps Genitals Dry

You may not even notice it, but vagina sweat is a real thing, especially in the summer and during a workout. Underwear is a great protector from unsightly wet stains, while moisture-wicking underwear can help fight against infections. Plus, no wet spots mean more comfortable workouts, and who doesn’t want that?

Maintains Privacy

When going commando in a dress or a skirt, you always run the risk of flashing someone when exiting a vehicle, walking upstairs, or even getting caught in a powerful gust of wind. You can use underwear to avoid exposing your genital area and remember that panties equal privacy. 

Enhances Confidence and Sexual Exploration

Lastly, there is no shame in using underwear that will make you feel empowered and own your sexual desires. Doing so can improve self-confidence in every aspect of your life, from the bedroom to the board room.

Maintains Hygiene

Most of the reasons listed above share one common theme: hygiene. Preventing infections, chafing, acne, and leakage are all hygienic practices in one way or another. Other hygiene benefits include keeping dirt and pollutants away from your privates and makes it harder to contract contagious irritants such as pubic lice and crabs.

Conclusion: What is the Point of Underwear?

At the end of the day, wearing underwear is a personal choice; however, there are several reasons why wearing underwear can provide you with better comfort, hygiene, privacy, and protection. Whatever the reason, just remember that a fresh pair of underwear is not a glorified diaper, but rather a safety precaution designed to keep your vagina happy.

So if you’re in the mood to do a selfishly good deed today, treat your privates to a pair of EBYs! Our luxurious underwear comes with a 100% fit guarantee and an unbelievably comfortable cotton lining to match. Why go commando when you can feel like you’re not wearing underwear, but still keep your kitty healthy?