8 Reasons Why Women Are Switching To These Seamless Undies

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

If you’re wondering why we wear underwear, it’s for good reason —for cleanliness, comfort, and support for your vajayjay. We have much to be grateful for. Panties have come a long way from the not-so-soft loincloth of ancient Egyptian past to the incredible panties of today. We’re always trading up to something better and these EBY seamless panties are worth the trade and here are 8 reasons why you should make the switch.

1. They Are Specifically Crafted For Comfort

We all know comfort is MOST important when it comes to your underwear. EBY underwear are the comfiest undies in the game. We’re talking pillow-soft and super stretchy, with a seamless fit to give that second-skin feeling all day. No elastic or seams, EBY uses a special soft fabric that shapes to your body and is completely invisible under clothing. Goodbye panty lines.

2. They Stay in Place No Matter How You Move

What makes an EBY panty the best you’ve ever tried? Two words. Flocking Technology. Ummm, what? EBY panties have velvet-like, uber soft strips that outline the inside of the underwear that are their not-so-secret weapon against riding, bunching and sliding. It keeps your undies where they’re meant to be: ON YOU BUM, not matter how you move.

3. They Have Sizes XS-4X For Every Booty

EBY panties come in sizes XS-4X because they want EVERY BOOTY in the gang. Better yet, EBY offers multiple styles of seamless underwear so you find the perfect fit for your body. Choose from Thong, Brief, Cheeky, Bikini, High Waisted Bikini or High Waisted Thong. EBY has a 100% Fit Guarantee, meaning if your first order doesn’t fit right, contact their fit specialists and they’ll send you another pair.

4. They Have A Cotton Lining Because Hygiene Matters

Did you know most women’s underwear doesn’t have cotton lining? Not cool, bro. EBY undies are crafted with a 100% moisture-wicking cotton lining where the ladies need it most, keeping you fresh, and dry. Because hygiene matters…a lot.

5. They Are Convenient AF: Delivered To Your Door Right When You Need More

Join EBY’s panty membership and save 15% on panties, bralettes, tanks and shapewear, plus receive killer new colors and prints every 3 or 6 months. Prefer the panty not the commitment? Shop seamless panties anytime you want for non-member prices. Either way you love to shop, EBY has what your underwear drawer craves…the most comfortable, versatile panty ever created, your way.

6. They Aren’t Made in Sweatshops

EBY’s factory respects the balance between environmental, social, and economic performance and upholds the Women’s Empowerment Principles developed jointly with the United Nations. No sweatshops. Not fast fashion. Women treated and paid fairly for their work.

7. Every Purchase Empowers Women Into Business

10% of the proceeds from every sale empower women into business through microfinance. Microfinance is micro-loans given to women to start their own businesses. Once a loan is paid back, it goes to another woman, and then another. This revolving change maker has a 97% repayment rate amongst women. Who run the world?

8. There is Power in Numbers

More panties sold = more loans given = more lives changed. This means more women are breaking the cycle of poverty in their family and becoming inspirations for young women in their communities. That’s powerful.

Now you know. EBY products don’t only look good, they feel good and do good too. Shop now.shop now button blue

More than 9,000 women stand united behind their EBY panties.

★★★★★ “I finally found a pair of seamless underwear that won’t give me camel toe with leggings when working out!” Patricia O.

★★★★★ “I’m super sensitive to how clothes feel on me and these feel really nice and silky. They stay in place all day! They are my new go to panties!!!” – Pricilla D.

★★★★★ “Throw all your other undies away! These are the best! No panty lines even in leggings!” – Cynthia Y.

★★★★★ “Fits great, true to size and comfy as hell. Fella almost like I’m wearing nothing at all. If you looking for a sign, this is it. It’s worth it!!” – Brenda A.

★★★★★ “These are the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned! They are so soft and silky. They stay in place, which is a definite plus. They look sexy, therefore making me feel sexy. I’m so happy I found EBY!” – Lori W.

★★★★★ “I cannot express how much I love this product. I cant wait to replace all my entire drawer!” – Sarah S.

★★★★★ “OMG I was sooo skeptical. I have been on the search for underwear that are actually seamless. Well these are the holy grail!! Cute, so freakin’ silky comfy and don’t ride up… legit!” – Missy W.

★★★★★ “My butt Cheeks are happy & free from wedgies, my tummy is held firmly in place and my vagina has the best vertical smile one could ask for.” – Belinda L.

★★★★★ “I am so blow away by this brand! Every single piece I bought I have loved, just made another order for an additional ten pairs! Order you will not regret it!!!” – Krista B.

★★★★★ “Love my EBY’s. These are game changer. So comfy you will never want to wear another pair of underwear again! THE ARE FREAKING HEAVEN!” – Michelle Z.

★★★★★ “Have you ever had clouds on your bum? Try these for the cloud effect! You’ll be floating!” – Yisselle S.

★★★★★ “I got addicted to this brand and now I just won’t buy another brand!” – Sandra P.

★★★★★ “These are the most comfortable underwear EVEEERRR. I am replacing all my underwear with these!! Material is so soft and I love that my purchases help other women with micro loans.” – Suzanne E.

★★★★★ “Heaven in Undies! If underwear were a place, this would be what heaven feels like!” – Michele Z.

★★★★★ “These literally stay put even when running without getting the dreadful “under butt slide” – Keely P.

★★★★★ “These are by far the most comfortable undies I’ve EVER owned! I’ve gotten rid of all my others!” – Meagan C.

★★★★★ “The most comfortable and just tall around amazing fit and style and uggggggghhh. I just love this company so much!!!!” – Michele Z.

★★★★★ “I’ve never been one to fall in love fast but thetas the only way I can describe my love for EBY! I will not be buying from anywhere else. Hooked and freaking thrilled!” – Stephanie S.

★★★★★ “These are so soft you will never sleep in another pair of underwear again! So soft it makes someone want to grab your butt!” – Nadia C.

★★★★★ “No bulges, no lines .. completely completely seamless under the tightest of cloths. The only undies to wear under leggings. I dont buy any other underwear because this underwear is the BEST!” – Jennifer R.

★★★★★ “They don’t roll down, ride up your butt, and you can’t even really feel them on. I literally got rid of all my underwear and purchased 20 more Eby’s. If you are thinking about purchasing just do it and you will wish you had sooner.” – Sarah H.

★★★★★  “These are my go-to underwear! These are panty-line free, comfy and sexy, where can you find that at?” – Molly X.

★★★★★  “I could not love my EBY’s more!! They are so so comfortable and soft and they don’t roll at all! Perfect to wear with leggings!” – Anastaia K.

★★★★★  “Dude the hype is REAL! I absolutely LOVE the fit of these!! When I choose them, I never need to worry about panty lines or them riding up. I can go through my day with confidence. The other cool thing-the PRINTS and SOLIDS are beautiful and silky smooth!!” – Sofi R.shop now button blue