We Are Women On A Mission

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

We are not all born into a world of privilege. For some women, every single day is a fight for survival. She wears her battle scars as a badge of honor, and a daily reminder of her ever-increasing strength to prevail against all odds. We don’t always know who these incredible women are. She could be halfway around the world, our next-door neighbor or the woman reading this article right now.

We are women on a mission and our strength is collective.

We are warriors and forces to be reckoned with.

We lift each other up. All of us rise to inspire, influence, and impact the world and ourselves.

We live each day with purpose because we don’t know what the next day will bring. There is no time to waste. Every minute we have is meaningful and serves as an opportunity to impact our daughters, sisters, mothers, and communities. Who said a single woman can’t make a difference?

Shirley was born into a culture ravaged by armed conflict. She did not let that circumstance define her. With a micro-loan of only $70, she started a cosmetics business to give women in her community more confidence and feel beautiful. Her community of women call her “The Fierce Little One.”

We like to stay strong, to show that yes we can. I think we were born with that challenge. The challenge of daring to get ahead, to thrive, to triumph. – Shirley

Blanca survived brutal domestic abuse until the day she left her husband. With a $30 micro-loan and a wooden rocking chair, she forged a new life for herself and her children. Her woodworking business paid for her daughters to go to school and create employment opportunities for her community.

I not only survived my husband’s abuse and got the courage to leave him – I rose above the ashes to create my own business. I used my strength from that situation to become a boss and show my daughters they can be their own business owners too. – Blanca

Gitaben was considered “disposable” by her culture after her husband died. She thought otherwise. She took a $150 micro-loan to buy silk weaving materials and start a business. She paid off her loan, runs a profitable business, and now teaches other women in her community how to start a business and make their own ways in life.

It was hard enough to lose my husband, and I was also left with a handicapped child. I had only ever just tended to my kids but I had to step into my power and take the reins of a business I created. They say need is the mother of invention. I couldn’t be prouder of how far I’ve come. – Gitaben

There are thousands of stories like these written every day and it’s those stories that inspire us to make money to do good and not do good to make money.

We aren’t about one-time solutions or shifting our message to become “culturally relevant.” At our core and what defines our identity is a relentless pursuit to fuel the empowerment of women through business.

From the women who make our products to the women who buy them, we are an access to power. Women who work in our factories are paid equitably to men and treated fairly under the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles. No sweatshops or fast fashion. The cost is too high for us to do this any other way.

From the women who buy our products to the women who start businesses because of them, we are an access to power. 10% of proceeds from every single sale help women fund their own businesses using micro-loans. No fancy press releases. No flashy events. Not 1% of profit. 10% = real impact in women’s lives. Micro-loans offered to women have a 97% repayment rate. Those loans are paid back and given to other women and continue to break the cycle of poverty for women in their communities for years to come. Last year, we gave $125,000 in micro-loans to more than 15 thousand women and children across 9 countries. This year, we’re set to donate 2x that amount. By 2027, we’re on a mission to empower more than 1 million women across the globe to start their own businesses, all through the sale of our products.

From the sourcing to final delivery of the products women wear comfortably and confidently, we are an access to power. We make the absolute best-in-class products available to all women.

  • Most products on the market don’t come in all sizes. Why? It’s more expensive to manufacture larger pieces of clothing and that means less profit.
  • Most products on the market aren’t as durable. Why? Companies want you to come back and buy more faster than you need to.

EBY products are made with the softest blends of fabric that leave you wondering if you’re even wearing anything at all. They are completely seamless and invisible under clothing because your panty lines are your business. They don’t distract you throughout the day because of our no-slip grip that prevents rolling, riding, and slipping. They don’t fall apart after a couple washes and would easily pass a 30-wash test with flying colors. They give you 100% cotton lining where it counts because our lady parts deserve the best. They come packaged in recycled material and delivered in a way that reduces our carbon footprint because the world we all live in is beautiful and we want that to last.

We could go on and on but this isn’t about us. It’s about the women who we serve. The women who wake up in the morning with a new set of challenges to face today. We exist to give her products she absolutely loves, jobs that give her and her family a better future, and the opportunity to change her community and generations of women after her. We are able to do enable women to have an impact with the one decision they make every morning.

That’s why we do what we do…EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It’s not a panty. It’s a mission.

– The EBY Team