Why Underwire Bras are Bad for You?

Team EBY Randy

We all know that feeling of unbelievable relief when we pull off an uncomfortable bra at the end of a long, hard day. While there might be many factors that play into a bra’s discomfort, from its fabric to its fit, in many cases, the single biggest complaint as far as comfort level is due to the underwire. While we all know underwires are uncomfortable, binding, and feel more like wearing a cage than underwear, you might not know that underwires are also problematic for other reasons.

That’s right, other than simply feeling awful, underwires can cause other issues, even health-related ones, which makes it a good idea to kick them to the curb.

Common Issues Caused By Underwires

Health Concerns: While studies have shown mixed results, meaning underwired bras haven’t been proven to cause any significant health issues like cancer, information on the Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre website does state that underwires can impede the proper flow of your lymphatic system. This, in turn, can alter the way the drainage system works and lead to health issues. According to Dr. Melina Robers, “The challenge with underwire bras is that it will impede the proper flow of the lymphatic system. We don’t want to do anything that stops the proper flow and drainage of the lymphatic system.”

Discomfort: As outlined above, having an underwire that pushes you in or up all day is going to get uncomfortable. It’s honestly not that hard to understand. After all, an underwire consists of a hard, rigid wire that is designed to hold you in place. This means that a hard wire is set purposefully against your soft flesh with the intention of not letting that flesh move. Of course, it’s uncomfortable!

They Are Difficult to Properly Fit: One key to getting a good result with an underwire bra is having it fit properly. Unfortunately, although underwire bras are all generally made the same, women are not, so this can be difficult, to say the least. In fact, in most cases, women note underwires digging into their flesh, making lines, or even bruising areas. When a woman has larger breasts, which come with additional weight, this damage and pain can be even more severe.

The Wires Can Become Weapons: In many cases, underwired bras wear out quickly. The end result is a wire that starts to poke out of the fabric and causes even more problems. This goes from mere discomfort to actual stabbing pain, which no one wants to have to deal with all day.

Alternative Supportive Bras That Don’t Have Traditional Underwires: Best No Wire Bra

Although underwires do have their drawbacks, they do help to create an attractive silhouette and provide support that isn’t as easily achieved with other styles of bras. However, there are some options to try instead of underwires that can still offer you the support you need without having to endure the discomfort of the standard underwire. The following are a few options to try by EBY that offer comfortable support with no traditional underwire:

Bralettes for Women

  • Support Bralette: This seamless support bra comes in a variety of sizes and colors and provides both support and coverage without an underwire. Instead, this bra features removable pads, adjustable straps, and a mesh back for breathability. It is designed to stay in place, with no chafing, slipping down, or riding up.
  • Relief Bra: The aptly named Relief Bra does away with the underwire while still providing ample support to lift and shape. It features EBY’s innovative technology in the form of Softwire, which is the reimagining of the underwire, offering the benefits without the discomfort. It also features 3D support wings that mold to you as you move, giving you a gentle embrace around your body. The Relief Bra is more than a bra; it’s a revolution in your wardrobe.
  • All Day Balconette: This uniquely designed bra was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge and also includes wing suspension and SoftWire technology. The J-hook of the All Day Balconette can convert to a racerback as well. It has precision molded cups to offer support and coverage, with roll-proof edge treatment and more.

Personal Insights From Those Who Have Moved Away From Underwires

Let’s look at a few insights from real women who have decided to move away from traditional underwires and embrace the options offered by EBY:

“I really like this NO underwire bra! It’s comfortable, the straps stay put, and I love that it clasps in the back.” Cheryl

“EBY didn’t used to carry my size but now they are offering DD sizing, and I finally got to try them. I loved them! These are some of the most comfortable, while still being supportive bras I’ve ever worn.” Anonymous

“Wow. A 12-hour work day felt great.” Norleena

“This bra is great and supportive as well. Minus the underwire, which is great.” Kara

“Greatest bra ever. So comfortable that I forget I have it on, and it lays so smooth. Even the softest material tee will not show any bra lines.” Christi S.


Consider an Underwire Alternative with EBY

It’s understandable to want to avoid underwires at all costs. They are uncomfortable and could even cause medical issues at some level. Thankfully, EBY has several options you can try that provide you with the support and shape of an underwire bra without featuring a traditional underwire and its discomfort. As outlined above, there are options that use other design strategies to provide support, while some bras feature a soft wire alternative that is comfortable and supportive, offering you the pros of wearing an underwire bra without the cons. Shop EBY’s options and perhaps even consider a subscription service for even more savings and enjoy their many alternatives to uncomfortable underwire bras.