Underwear For Working Out: Best Workout Underwear For Women In 2022

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Working out is already hard enough — we don’t need uncomfortable underwear making it even harder. Between chafing, irritation, wedgies, and panty lines, there is a lot to consider when purchasing some new workout underwear. Luckily for you, we’re here to take the pressure off of the decision-making once and for all by providing you with the definitive Dos and Don’ts of workout underwear.

Best Underwear For Working Out

Many women are still unsure of what underwear is best for working out because we don’t put enough emphasis on what they should be looking for. There are a number of things that require close examination when shopping for workout underwear, like the fabric, cut, seams, coverage, and more. Neglecting to pick the panties that don’t check all of these boxes can affect performance, and result in lower performance satisfaction.

Types of Workout Underwear

There are several types of undergarments that are best suited for working out. Keep reading on for a brief description of each type to help determine which type is the best workout underwear for you.

No Show/Seamless Underwear

When it comes to working out, seamless underwear is a must. Seamless undies eliminate any and all embarrassing panty lines, and their soft, unobtrusive, smooth waistband is meant to leave you with that barely-there feel, especially in sweaty workouts. Plus, when you purchase seamless underwear from EBY, you never have to worry about your panties slipping, sliding, or riding, thanks to our innovative no-slip grip.

Moisture Wicking Fabric Underwear

If seamless underwear is a workout essential for the aesthetic, moisture-wicking underwear is a workout essential for the health benefits. Working out in soggy bottoms leaves you susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections in your private parts, as well as inflammation and itching. Moisture-wicking underwear, however, helps absorb the moisture you expel by pulling the moisture away from the skin and sending it out the fabric’s exterior for a faster evaporation process. By eliminating moisture exposure, you stand to stay dry and stay healthy.

Built-In Underwear Clothing

Some gym shorts come with underwear built into the inside. In this case, the built-in is always made with sweat-wicking fabric so that the consumer doesn’t need to worry about covering up any unsightly panty lines. But shorts with built-in underwear are also great for optimizing breathability, thanks to their thin outer layer, and to prevent any chafing or irritation.

Leak-Proof Period Panties

Once again, the moisture prevention technology is known as “wicking” saves the day, this time in a different form. The wicking technology used in period panties to control and minimize period leaks can also be applied to the moisture you expel when working out. Period panties are designed to absorb a heavy amount of liquid, so a little sweat from your pilates class is sure to evaporate in an instant!

Workout Underwear Categories

Each type of workout undie can also be found in a range of different styles. Below is a list of the most effective styles and the best underwear for working out.


Thongs can be the ideal undergarment style for working out. The invisible and lightweight design of the thong makes for easy movement and high performance, but if you opt for a lacy thong over a seamless synthetic thong, be prepared for some serious scratching and irritation. Also, if you’re already wear thongs, then you know to expect some wedgies every now and again. But if you’re new to the world of wearing thongs, just know that some yoga positions won’t be as easy as you’re used to. Finally, thongs aren’t typically made with sweat-wicking materials, so keep that in mind when making your decision.


Bikini panties are great for everyday wear, including working out comfortably. They are effective in preventing wedgies and they keep you covered, although this may be a blessing and a curse because with the coverage comes panty lines. If that’s your biggest concern, however, just opt for a seamless bikini panty, and you’ll be good to go!

Hip Hugger Panties

The placement of these panties is perfect for a comfortable workout; never again will you have to suffer through a workout class as your underwear squeezes your stomach and traps your gas. The bad news is, just like the bikini, hip huggers put you at risk of having visible panty lines. But the good news is, the hip hugger is one of the most common sweat-wicking and period-proof panty styles on the market. Depending on what you prioritize with your workouts, it might be worth taking the good with the bad.

Tight-Fitting Briefs

Briefs are a lot like bikinis, with just a bit more coverage. That means that once again, panty lines may come and ruin your workout, but the moisture prevention and seamless technology available in the brief style might make this silhouette worthwhile.

Workout Underwear Fabrics

As mentioned earlier, the fabric is just as much of a factor in choosing the proper pair of workout panties as style or type. Here are the fabrics you should be looking for and why:


Polyester is a fabric that can be worn in any kind of weather and during any kind of workout. Polyester is moisture-wicking, lightweight, and incredibly breathable in a black and navy material, but it also makes for a great insulator as well. The only downside to polyester is that it can become a breeding ground for bacteria growth, so make sure to remove those panties as soon as possible.


Nylon is another material to pay attention to, as it also helps minimize the build-up of moisture, which helps in sweaty workouts. It keeps you dry and is easy to move around in — what more could you need?

Synthetic Materials

Other synthetic materials include polypropylene, rayon, or a blend of fabrics. Just like polyester and nylon, they feature advantages like their ability to eliminate moisture and their durability. Make sure your panty has a cotton gusset to avoid any bacteria growth in your female parts.


It may sound strange, but Merino wool is another material that makes for a great pair of workout underwear. Merino wool is soft and itch-free and is often blended with other synthetic fabrics to enhance durability and flexibility. The benefits of merino wool are: it’s a moisture-wicker (though it does take longer to dry than other synthetics), it manages to store a small amount of moisture in the wool and releases it when you need cooling, it is moderately durable, and, because wool is naturally resistant to odor-causing bacteria, merino wool is odor-free.


Modal is a newer type of fabric that is made of all-natural fibers, making it biodegradable and incredibly sustainable. It is also wildly breathable and regulates your temperature to help you stay cool, even during your most intense workouts.

Best Workout Underwear - Underwear For Working Out - EBY

Fabric to Avoid While Working Out

Just like there are fabrics to seek out, there are definitely fabrics to avoid when searching for a pair of workout underwear. Those fabrics are:


Cotton is pretty much the antithesis of every other workout undies named above. Cotton makes it impossible for moisture to evaporate, which means that it will store the sweat on your skin and absorb the moisture into your panties. The more sweat you produce, the higher your risk of irritation or infection. No thank you cotton!


Lace is a great underwear choice for a lot of things, but working out isn’t one of them. Lace underwear is bound to cause irritation and rubbing during a workout, and it is a non-breathable fabric, which means your vagina will suffocate and will put you at risk of infection or pH imbalance. So it’s not a great choice to wear it for doing exercise.

Things to Keep in Mind

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best panties for a workout. To recap, here are the things you should keep in mind when doing so:


No two workouts are the same. What pair of underwear is comfortable for your yoga class may not be so comfortable on the treadmill. Make sure to consider style and cut when choosing what exercise underwear to use, unless you want to find yourself in a sleeping yogi pose with a thong wedgie in every crevice of your privates.


Ultimately, the amount of comfort you will have will come down to the amount of coverage your undies provide. If you prefer to be conservative with your coverage, then don’t feel pressured to wear out a thong. If your motto is less is more, then say less, girl!


If exercise is a big part of your life, you want to be wearing underwear that can match that. Whether you’re doing one of your high-intensity workouts, or you’re staying cool with a three-mile hike, you want a pair of underwear specifically designed to handle your lifestyle. Not only that, but you’ll probably be washing them rather frequently, so they should be able to withstand the strength of a strong wash cycle, too. Also, quick-drying is a plus for saving time while washing.


The most economical items of clothing are the ones that can be used in multiple contexts. You need to spend money on underwear anyway, why not buy a pair that can be worn all day long? Whether you’re at the office, at school, at the gym, or at a girl’s night out, your breathable underwear will be there, too. So save yourself some cash and pick an undie that has more uses than one.


There’s no better feeling than a solid workout, but there’s no worse feeling than wearing a soggy pair of undergarments. It’s an incredibly uncomfortable sensation that is just as bad for your vaginal health, so why not make the change to a more breathable, moisture-free garment with just enough stretch instead? Say goodbye to cotton and say hello to the world of polyester, nylon, and merino wool in different shades other than blue and grey material! No matter what you’re looking for — more coverage, full coverage, anti-odor technology, wedgie-free, or quick-drying — there will always be underwear for working out silhouettes to match your preferences.

So toss your old undies for good and start your new underwear for working out collection with a brand new seamless pair of EBYs!  EBYs are the best underwear for preventing unsightly lines on your leggings, and will never slip off your sides, even during your sweatiest workouts. We even have a subscription program that offers a discounted rate to our members, so join today and work out tomorrow with the best underwear!