WFH (Workout From Home)

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Working out: Friend or Foe?

Setting the Scene

It’s 8:55am. You roll out of bed, with just enough time to run to the bathroom and put on a shirt before your video conference call (we all know no one is wearing pants). This is your new normal…if you’re lucky. Maybe, your job description now includes “teacher.” Your “morning commute” is making sure the kids don’t kill each and get some dang work done instead of making TikTok videos! Can TikTok just chill for sec (wait, should we make a TikTok)? Making one of those dance challenge videos might be the only exercise some of us will get now that gyms are closed. However, we’d like to present some other options for working out at home. 

Relationship Status Update

What’s your relationship status with working out? It’s complicated? Yeah we get it. When the pain from the 4th mile on the treadmill hits, do you ask yourself, why am I putting myself through this? Media makes exercising look sexy and enticing. Sometimes, it only seems to be highlighting women effortlessly maneuvering pilates, cross fit, power lifting or anything in between. Where are the women who struggle to do a pushup that first day but keep trying? #PushUpChallenge AMARITE?! The goal can’t be to achieve some other woman’s body you are comparing yourself to — let’s do it to feel powerful. Let’s do it to feel in control of your body, time and energy. To exercise is to exercise control over your laziness or complacency. Don’t deny yourself the rewards of an endorphin rush after a really good (virtual) dance class, the spring in your step after a pilates session, the satisfying soreness from a long (social distance) run. Don’t deprive your mind, body and health of much needed relief because social media hasn’t caught up to the complexity of fitness in every woman’s life. So let’s strap up with our armor, our EBYs, and begin our journey.

Everyone Has A Home Gym Now

If you’re stressing because your gym is closed and the grocery store is insane, you can adapt and come out stronger in the end. We’re figuring out how to keep moving our bodies at home. Starting a workout routine will not only keep you physically active in this time of isolation, but it will help your mental health too — Remember we talked about mental strength last week. Making our health a priority will keep those immune systems in tip top shape! 

One of the unintended consequences, of this quarantine, is the realization that we don’t truly need all the resources we’ve been persuaded into buying. To workout from home is a reality for many women, especially if you have a hectic schedule that involves a job, kids, or both. We don’t need the fancy weight machines or giant mirrors. Some of us have equipment lying around the house, but we don’t even really need any of that. All we really need is our own body weight. Start small, a walk around your block with a few crunches and pushups. PS the internet is flooded with free workout videos of ALL KINDS! Here’s a simple template for designing an easy at home workout:

  1. A warmup.
  2. A cardiovascular (aerobic) workout.
  3. Resistance (strength-building) exercises.
  4. Flexibility moves.
  5. A cool down

Find Your Routine

Monotony will be the death of your fitness goals and will have you feeling like it’s day 50 of isolation when it’s really day 15. The most important principle is to create a routine — sticking to a schedule will create consistency in your workouts. Find routines that don’t bore you. If you hate running, don’t hop on a treadmill no matter how many marathoners tell you it changed their life (they all do). If the loneliness is what deters you from a workout, join an online group workout class. If you need someone to hold you accountable and yell at you while you workout, hire a trainer that can discipline you through a video call. Check in with yourself often. Are you happy? Are you enjoying yourself? Or does it make you want to rebel and lay in bed all day, with a box of Little Debbie Cakes, where no one can ever tell you to work out again? Or! Does your routine make you feel sexy, strong and optimistic? 

Love Yourself

Progress happens with encouragement. Share kind words with yourself when you’re alone. Your body will take time to change and to reflect the dedication you put into it. The most immediate effects are felt in your mind, so be proud of the work you put in every day on this goal. Acknowledge how much it took to get out of bed, put on your leggings (to actually workout) and step into your dreams. Self love can change your relationship with fitness and food; you start to workout because you care for yourself not because you hate where you began. There are a few easy steps you can take to start this self care:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others
  2. Don’t work off a reward punishment system
  3. Start with small, achievable goals
  4. Don’t deny yourself unhealthy foods. Moderate.


Now go slay!


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