Best Tummy Control Underwear For Women

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

The purpose of lingerie is developing, accommodating to a new range of preferences, from bare necessities to comfort and control. EBY has pioneered high-quality, tummy control underwear that offers optimal ease and wears in various seamless and beautiful designs. 

Created to boost confidence, provide comfort, and transform the fit of clothes, tummy control underwear can be worn by any type of woman, any day. 

In this blog post, we will be covering everything you need to know about tummy control underwear and some of the best pairs for you to try today! 

What is Tummy Control Underwear and How Does It Work?

Tummy control underwear merges more traditional types of shapewear with regular panties and lingerie, for comfort and ease. Tummy control panties enable women the choice of a virtually invisible, seamless look and smoothing design. 

EBY offers women a lightweight and breathable Spanx experience, helping to maintain the desired body shape, without compromising on the comfort, design, or style of the panties. 

Tummy control underwear works in a similar fashion to conventional shapewear by optimizing where fat is presented around the stomach region. This consequently helps to control the size and shape of the stomach, producing a feeling of comfort and support. In turn, this type of everyday wear panties helps to create a smooth silhouette that many women find useful for certain outfits during their day-to-day lives.

Though tummy control underwear does not cause weight loss, it can make the stomach look slightly smaller and flatter. Many women find that clothes appear more flattering when worn over this smooth silhouette on special occasions.

Additionally, new moms may also enjoy the support of this compression, especially after a C section. Wearing control panties after a C section can ease pain, reduce swelling, and help to relieve muscle tension.

Choosing Tummy Control Underwear

There are certain factors to keep in mind while choosing tummy control underwear. These will affect your experience and level of comfort, so it is important that you are aware of them!

Get the Right Size – Make Sure It’s Not Too Tight!

Firstly, it is important to find the perfect size. Wearing tummy control underwear that is too tight can cause significant discomfort. A size that is too small may constrict blood circulation to the lower legs if it is too tight around the stomach and hips.

Furthermore, incorrectly fitting control panties can contribute to excess bloating and gassiness. It can also cause an increase in issues with acid reflux. 

Keep an Eye Out for Skin Reactions:

Wearing tummy control underwear for long periods of time may cause your skin to become chafed. The stretchy material may irritate sensitive skin, causing an itchy and red reaction around that region.

Whilst this is usually nothing to worry about, it is best to let your skin rest before wearing the best shapewear again. It is also important to keep your underwear and your favorite bra clean by washing them frequently.

To help overcome this, EBY offers seamless cotton underwear that has a no-slip-grip made from nylon flocking. This can prevent your own bra and underwear from riding up and slipping down, helping to avoid chaffing and unnecessary irritation.

Tummy Control Underwear - EBY

Best Tummy Control Underwear to Try!

EBY prides itself on offering premium quality tummy control underwear that empowers women. We know that every woman’s body is unique, requiring different materials and fits. The following list details the best tummy control underwear for each body type and shape, for you to try today!

EBY High Waisted Panties

EBY’s collection of high-waisted panties provides a functional approach to sultry, glamorous underwear. Available in a wide range of beautiful designs, including bold seasonal patterns and neutral skin color tones, this high-waisted panty provides seamless support and control.

The color options and smoothing texture absorb bulges for a comfortable, light feeling that is suitable to wear under a range of clothes.

With prices starting at just $16, these affordable high-quality designs don’t just support your tummy. EBY is committed to elevating impoverished women around the world by providing micro-loans and support while aiding ethical manufacturing sources. Ethics and morals are weaved into each design, enabling women to feel extra good about their underwear!

EBY High Waisted Thongs

For those who prefer a thong, EBY offers a breathable high waisted style for extra support and compression. Thongs are often chosen for their versatility and minimal look, and EBY’s collection is no exception. Great for pairing with bodycon dresses and shorts, thongs are brilliant for minimizing panty line visibility for a smoother surface.

Using their signature seamless fabric, EBY high-waisted thongs provide top-quality practicality with a specialized nylon non-slip material that will not fall or bunch up in an uncomfortable manner. Due to this, the thong collection is suitable for every activity imaginable, from exercise to loungewear!

Whether you are looking for flirty and bold prints to awaken your confidence, or want a neutral hue for a timelessly classic appeal, EBY high-waisted thongs are affordable at just $15!

One of the main benefits of this collection is the impressive size inclusivity, catering for all body types. With extended sizes options ranging from XS to 4X, every woman can feel comfortable and in control.

Classic Control Briefs

Brief panties provide some extra coverage on the buttock area for those who prefer a more modest look. A classic style, briefs are known for being comfy and practical! 

At EBY, classic control briefs provide added support and a seamless pant line in this updated style for the modern woman.

Available in a beautiful array of colors and designs, your underwear can match your vibe on a day-to-day basis. Starting at just $15, classic control briefs are the pinnacle of any outfit, and these breathable briefs will feel like a second skin for an effortless, chic look.

Control Top Thongs

Control top thongs are thoughtfully designed to stay in place all day with our unique nylon grip. The silky texture provides a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience for all body types. 

For those wanting more support on their stomach region, these thongs will help to sculpt your tummy for a smoothing effect whilst keeping the area firmly supported.

High Waisted Boyshorts

Say goodbye to panty lines and hello to a smooth silhouette with high-waisted shaping shorts. For a more covered appeal, high-waisted boyshorts will offer the most support across your upper thighs and stomach area. Many women love the look of seamless high-waisted boyshorts under a tighter fitting dress for a smooth and flattering overall fit.

High-waist boyshorts are also a fantastic option for a postpartum body, as they can help to relieve muscle cramps and tension.

High-waisted boyshorts vary in price depending on quality and design, but on average will cost around $20.


In summary, having a waistband across your stomach is not always ideal for women, whether this is due to bloat, post-pregnancy, or just skin and tummy irritability. 

At EBY, we deem it essential that women feel uplifted and supported by their underwear, rather than constrained. That is why we have designed beautiful, form-fitting collections that uniquely appeal to all body types and sizes.

With an option to build your own personalized pack or sign up for a quarterly subscription box and top deals, EBY underwear is designed to suit your lifestyle and needs.