12 Different Types of Tank Tops

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Tank tops have taken many names and represented many facets of society over the years. Tank tops were originally designed to model tank suits, or the one piece bathing suits of the 1920s. They gained rapid popularity, due to the fact that they could be worn as undershirts by both men and women.  In the 1940s, tank tops had somewhat of a rebranding when they were donned the now-controversial name “wife beaters.” Then, in the 1970s, women reclaimed this awful nickname by commissioning the tank top to be one of the unspoken, key garments of the hippie movement. Over the years, we have seen many variations of the tank top — so much so that it is hard to keep track of them all. But not any more, because we have compiled a comprehensive list of all types of women’s tank tops.

Different Types of Tank Tops

Tank tops are such a famous article of clothing because they are a go-to clothing item all year round; whether you need to wear a tank top as an undershirt to lock in heat on a chilly day, or you want to opt for the best garment to keep you cool on the hottest day of the year, a tank top will always find its way into your wardrobe with just the right look. Moreover, the simplicity of a tank top adds to its versatility because it can serve as an outfit all on its own, or be used as a layering piece to take an outfit to the next level. Having a variety of tank tops in your closet is always a must, because with each tank top style comes a unique fit, flare, and fashion statement. Add that to the undeniable comfort and subtle sexiness that comes with the tank top, and you the most important staple clothing item across all genders.

Athletic Tank Tops

Athletic tank tops are a style of tank top meant to fit close to the body, but still provide enough slack that they can tighten or loosen when needed. They are commonly made with moisture wicking materials to help you cool off during your workout, or an extra stretchy material for added comfort.

Cut-Out Tank Tops

A spicy look that keeps them wanting more. Cut-out tank tops usually contain a series of cuts or slits down each side, exposing just enough to keep them guessing. The cut-out tank top is another great top for the bralette lover, or those who just love to layer. Cut-out tops tend to lean to the looser side, so as not to rip the slits further. Cut-out tank tops can be bought as work out tops or as fashion tops.

Double Layer Tank Tops

Double layer tank tops, or tiered tanks, are made with multiple layers, just as the name suggests. These types of tanks are generally made with silk or cotton materials, to add to their lightweight feel. They’re great for a casual date night with your new beau, or for a laid back, casual style brunch with your girlfriends the next morning. Due to their billowy silhouette, double layer tank tops are not tight fitting to the body at all.

Flowing Tank Tops

Flowing tank tops flare out of the very bottom of the shirt. They typically have slits on either side, and those slits can sometimes vary in different lengths. Flowing tanks are usually made with lighter materials like soft cotton or silk to lean into their breezy design, and can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

Halter Tank Tops

Halter tops have been in the zeitgeist for many years, but now that the early 2000s are back in style, they’re not going anywhere. Inspired by the look of the raglan tee shirt, halter tops wrap around the neck with two straps and a bodice to accentuate the clavicle area. They are a fun and flirty article of clothing for a wild night out, thanks to their attractive design and lightweight construction.

Racerback Tank Tops

Racerback tank tops are a specific kind of athletic tank with a unique design. Instead of having two straps that wrap around the shoulders, the two straps meet at the top of the back to form one strand that falls between the shoulder blades.

Backless Tank Tops

A backless tank, or low back tank tops, are a great way to show a little extra skin in a conservative manner. The low back cut offers a great styling opportunity for those who love to wear a fashionable bralette. If that sounds like you, consider checking out our selection of EBY seamless bralettes! Our bralettes come in a range of sizes from XS – 4X, and with our ever-changing collection of limited edition prints, your next backless moment is sure to make an unforgettable statement.

Types of Tank Tops - EBY

Sheer or Mesh Tank Tops

Sheer or mesh tanks are simply just a tank made of sheer or mesh materials. Because they are so lightweight, sheer tank tops have become the go-to garment when attending a rave or party. The little material used won’t cling to your body, and it gives partygoers a chance to show off their show-stopping physiques.

Slouchy Tank Tops

A slouchy tank top is a loose fitting shirt that can be made with a range of materials like cotton, silk, crepe, or lace. Though the name implies it is a casual garment, it can be dressed up with a skirt and a pair of heels, or be dressed down with a pair of classic blue jeans and a leather jacket. Versatility at its finest!

Turtleneck Tank Tops

Ever wished you could wear a turtleneck all year long? Turtleneck tank tops are the perfect solution! Turtleneck tanks are often rather form-fitting, and can come in a full length or cropped length top. They are made with a large amount of stretchy fabric around the neck, to make removal easy and painless. Just like regular turtlenecks, turtleneck tanks can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be paired with a maxi skirt, boyfriend jeans, or high waisted shorts, to list a few ideas.

Camisole Tank Tops

Camisole tank tops are the young girls tank of choice. Camisoles, otherwise known as “camis,” or spaghetti strap tank tops, are made with thin pieces of material around the shoulders for a strap that resembles a piece of spaghetti. They are lightweight, casual, and can be made with just about any fabric, including cotton, lace, polyester, silk, and even spandex. Some camisoles include a built in sports bra, which is why they hold so much importance to the tween-age girl.

Thick Strap Tank Tops

Thick strap tank tops, otherwise known as wide strap tanks, are the opposite of a camisole. As you can probably guess from the name, thick strap tanks are tanks that are wider and therefore thicker than spaghetti straps. “Wife beaters” are considered to be thick strap tanks, as they are made with thicker straps and are neither loose nor tight. Wide strap tank tops can have a scoop neck or a V-neck neckline, and are often made out of cotton.


Though the varying types of tank tops may seem overwhelming, take comfort in the thought that no matter your mood, vibe, or aesthetic, there will always be a tank top that can meet you on your level. EBY specializes in the best seamless technology in the underwear industry, so of course we had to make a seamless tank top, too! Our wide strap construction makes our seamless design inclusive for all sizes, and the V-neck cut makes them easy to dress up or dress down. Plus, with a slightly longer length than normal, they are perfectly made for tucking into a pair of jeans, and you never have to worry about unsightly bunching! To shop our unbeatable selection of seamless tank tops, click here.