Find the Perfect Bralette For Large Bust – XL Plus Size & More

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Bralettes are a popular choice for women searching for a fashionable and comfortable alternative to the regular bra. They are an attractive option to women of all shapes and sizes, but in the women’s intimate world, there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to larger breasts. During the bra purchasing process, many are left feeling unsure of how to choose an appropriate bralette for their size.

Bralettes do not only exist on the bra market for those with less than a D cup or a DD cup. In fact, they have many advantages for bigger busts, so you can enjoy a fashionable bralette look while not compromising on that much-needed support.

In this blog post, we will be covering everything you need to know about bralettes for women blessed with big boobs, and why you should try one out today!

What Is a Bralette?

A bralette is a style of women’s bra with significant differences from a regular bra. It is predominately wire-free, clasp-free, lightweight, and soft. There’s no faff, hardware, or major structure, making the bralette an essential choice for comfort. With the right size, a bralette can fit so well it becomes more like a second skin, working great with both a smaller cup and D-plus cup size.

Its fashion value is strong and comes in a range of materials and styles from lacy and sexy to sturdy and extra supportive. The bralette is trendy because of its versatility, transforming from underwear to outerwear in minutes as a sports bra or crop top.

Are Bralettes Good For Large Busts?

It is a common misconception that bralettes are designed for smaller cupped women. They’re actually suited to a variety of cup sizes, and there are lots of reasons to choose a bralette over a regular bra if you have a large bust. The primary reason for shopping for bralettes is that they are supremely comfortable and come in styles that offer all the support you need. As there is no underwire, there is nothing to dig into the back or ribcage like with your wired bras, leaving you mark-free.

There is no hook and eye closure either, and are designed to be pulled on. They typically have a wide band for added support, the cups are considerably deeper for larger sizes, and they’re surprisingly secure. There’s no slipping out, and no one cup too big.

Bralettes designed with a larger chest in mind often have double-layered fabric. This extra layer provides great coverage and helps keep the breasts in place better than a structured bra. Adjustable straps and racerback styles are additionally supportive.

Why Use Bralettes For Large Busts?

There are multiple reasons why bralettes work well for larger bust sizes. Here are 4 top reasons to select a bralette as your bra of choice.


No need for underwire bras! Supportive bralettes really do exist, if you know what you’re looking for. Look out for bralettes with considerably deeper cups. This will support each breast and keep them secure. The more supportive types are created with a longline band that extends further down the body, keeping your breasts firmly in place. A wideband is always a good sign, and wide bra straps or straps you can adjust are a must for more support. Sometimes this added support can provide a true body lift that you weren’t expecting. There’s no question that a supportive bra works wonders on your confidence!

Confidence and Self-Love

Feeling sexy in a good underwire bra can revitalize your mood. Knowing that your chest is secure and protected in the most comfortable bra that actually looks good too is a great confidence boost. Although it doesn’t always seem like it from the outside, bralettes are designed with diversity in mind. Lingerie is all about feeling good, whether you’re showing it off to someone special, or using it as a practical tool to fashion your outfit. Whatever the reason, celebrate yourself and start the week off strong with the best bralette.

Full Coverage Varieties

Whatever your cup size, bralettes come in a variety of coverage from just enough coverage to full coverage. Going wire-free might feel like a sacrifice on the support scale, but this is where full coverage bra options give you exactly what you need. With full coverage bralettes for big busts, it may become visible underneath when worn with lower cut tops. Fear not, there’s no harm in choosing sexier options like lace, silk, and patterned designs. It will be the cute trim of your bralette that peeks out, rather than your cleavage.

Stylish, Trendy, and Fashionable

Bralettes for big busts can be super fashionable. There are many stylish designs on the market, including seamless, strappy, slinky, silky, lace, reinforced seams, and wide strapped. A bralette with similar support and style to a sports bra, you could even wear it to the gym or wear it as a regular crop top. A busty bralette can accentuate the breasts too, all while being supportive. There are lots of cute bras available, with charming details and trims that can even add to the outfit you’re wearing if done right.

Bralette for Large Bust - EBY

EBY Bralettes For Large Busts

EBY has a range of bralettes for large busts that provide support. Ultra-soft designs that don’t compromise on style are the perfect way to access the bralette world.

Black Cotton Bralette

The EBY Cotton Bralette in black is a staple wardrobe item. One step ahead of the average bralette, each item in this collection is truly seamless and crafted from EBY Invisible Cotton – the first of its kind. Featuring wide straps and seamless cups that mold to the shape of your chest is all the support you need from a wireless bra. Available in sizes XS to XLP (A cup to E cup), the fabric stretches easily and bounces back incredibly well to its original shape once taken off.

There’s no bulk or lumps from straps, discomfort from an elastic band or a hook, and eye closure. The scoop neckline is great under t-shirts and vests and leaves a smooth finish under clothes. A trusty bra choice with full coverage at $44.

Peach Cotton Bralette

The Peach one is another from the seamless cotton underwear range and is your go-to for that second-skin aesthetic. No lumps, loose straps, or side bulge here, just smooth, smooth, smooth. There are no hard bits to cause irritation, meaning it can be worn all day long with ultra-comfort. The succulent peach persona is ideal to slip under any tops, particularly under light-colored clothing. You can even wear it as a feminine bralette top when you want a daintier color. Buy individually for $44 or $35 for members.

Denim Cotton Bralette

The Denim Cotton Bralette is made from the same technologies but provides an alternative cut and an edgier color. With a v neck, this bralette looks great as a crop top in its own right or disguised under a plunging neckline. With cups that still shape the breasts, there’s no concern over a uni-boob. With no clasps, wires, or hardware to cause sensitivity, it can be layered under just about anything. The denim color is killer and looks good paired with other denim garments like jeans. A versatile essential for $44.

Black Bralette

The original essential for every woman. This classic black underwear is both elegant and sexy. Removable pads allow you to switch between morning and night for a more casual or boosted look. Whatever bra size you wear, the EBY size range from XS to XLP is guaranteed to comfortably fit all shapes.

It’s certainly practical and offers enough support to larger cups. This is a must-have for the plus-size woman, and one of the best bralettes to keep in the top drawer. Get yours for $44, and pair with the Black High Waisted panties for a seriously smooth silhouette.


Finding the right bra can be challenging at the best of times, but throw in a large chest and the underwear market can feel like a noninclusive place. Nevertheless, if you know what to look for, the bra world is your oyster!

Buying bras can and should be a fun experience. An affordable seamless bralette that ticks all the boxes for support, coverage, confidence, and style is the dream for busty women. Find that bra you’ll want to live and sleep in, and your inner power will shine through!

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