What is a Thong? Definition, Pros, and Cons of Wearing One

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

A thong is a type of panty with endless good qualities. It promotes comfort, female empowerment and is an essential solution to many outfits that strictly call for no panty line. As with every panty style, the thong does have its disadvantages. Knowing when, and when not to wear a thong is knowledge every woman should have.

What Is A Thong?

The thong is a garment generally worn as women’s underwear or swimwear. Its most notorious feature is the thin strip of material that goes between the buttocks and connects with the waistband.

Thong panties are widely considered one of the sexiest types of lingerie. The lack of coverage to the rear portion means the buttocks are fully exposed, while the front offers mid to full coverage.

They are popular, and many women wear thongs for fashion purposes. When worn under clothing, their existence is deceptive. There’s no issue with a panty line, and this makes thongs a suitable option for many outfits, particularly tight clothing like a figure-hugging cocktail dress, or skinny jeans that show off your butt without the lumps and bumps of panty lines.

EBY uses a unique design to craft its seamless thong collection, embodying comfort, style, and sex appeal. With the most comfortable women’s thongs, seamless is a bonus to keep underwear out of sight and out of mind, whatever your outfit.

Pros Of Wearing A Thong

Women find many advantages to wearing a thong panty, so it’s understandable that they are a common underwear style. Here are four primary benefits of the thong.

Reduces Panty Lines

Perhaps the best advantage of all is the absence of the visible panty line. Having a thong can eradicate wardrobe malfunctions as panty lines can spoil outfits. Underclothing, the thong gives the allusion of no underwear and is the friendly alternative to going commando. The EBY seamless thong range doesn’t get any more invisible when it comes to hiding that line, making the thong a wardrobe staple for every woman.

Sexiness Factor and Boost Overall Confidence

Thongs are typically the first style you think of when it comes to sexy underwear. Even the word thong immediately brings sex appeal, so there’s no denying its sexiness factor.

Slipping into a thong magically boosts confidence, making you look and feel sexy. All girls should own thongs, and the signature collection from EBY is a good place to start building your collection. If you’re feeling low, whip out your best thong and transform your mood.


Thongs come in a range of comfortable styles and materials, depending on personal preference. Many women find thongs particularly comfortable with yoga pants and tight pants. The right thong will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, and seamless styles sit comfortably on the body under any garment.

Stylish, Fashionable Designs

In the lingerie world, thongs come in a range of fashionable designs with various patterns and colors. There’s silk, cotton, seamless, lace thongs, and other styles, if you’re wearing one for more exciting reasons than to magic away visibility under clothing.

Thongs often exist in swimwear for thong bikini bottoms, as the narrow strip allows for less coverage in the sun. They are often crafted into other garments, where the word thong is used as a descriptive term for bodysuits, leotards, a leather thong, or thong-backed swimsuits.

What is a Thong - EBY

Cons Of Wearing A Thong

There are many pros to wearing a thong underwear, but as with any panty, it has its disadvantages. Thongs are one of the more controversial panties, acquiring mixed opinions over vaginal health and a connection to urinary tract infections. While research suggests thongs are safe, they do not cater to all occasions, and there are times when you should opt for panties with more coverage.

Not A Period Friendly Panty

When it’s that time of the month, thongs are typically not your best bet. The lack of coverage to the bottom front means little support is available to cater for certain sanitary products or period-related mishaps, such as leakage.

Also, if you’re dealing with period pain, wearing full briefs can give you the security and comfort you need when you just want to curl up and take it easy.

Not Suited For Hemorrhoids

You should avoid wearing thongs if you have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids cause sensitivity, and the shape of a thong can rub and irritate already sensitive skin. If you’re suffering from any type of sensitivity in your intimate area, thongs are probably not the best panty style for you at this time. Consider panties with fuller coverage.

Not Easy To Exercise In

While many women find them comfortable with yoga pants, more vigorous exercise can make thongs a bad idea. The strip of fabric between the buttocks can cause chafing when sweating and moving around excessively. Energetic exercise can cause the thong to move out of place and become very uncomfortable, and it can be difficult to rearrange your underwear during a class or in a busy gym. Well-fitting and breathable underwear is best for working out.

“Whale Tail”

This occurs when a thong appears above the waistband of the bottoms you’re wearing, and the fabric elastic straps from the thong typically resembles the tail of a whale. It’s typically viewed as a fashion accident that unfortunately can happen during many activities that involve bending over or crouching down. It can be a cheeky accident in the comfort of your own home, but to the general public, it just offers a little too much.

Different Types Of Thongs

Thongs come in a range of styles depending on what it is you’re after. There are three main types that make up the thong family – cotton, lacy and cheeky.

Cotton Thong

Natural fabrics are best for panties, particularly cotton. It is the most gentle fabric available, and the best choice for keeping your delicate area comfortable. For those who wore thongs regularly, the breathability and absorbency of cotton help to prevent yeast infections and other problems down below. If you only own one thong, make it a black cotton thong.

Lacy Thong

Lacy thongs are a must-have for your underwear drawer. Lace is delicate, pretty, and highly attractive on any body shape and size. Handcrafted or machine-made, lace is considered a luxury fabric and is very commonly used for lingerie. Its transparency and floral detail look beautiful on the skin, whether a full lace thong or a simple style with lace trims.

Cheeky Thong

Cheeky panties expose the butt while retaining more coverage than the traditional thong from the back as well as the front. The waistband and the strip of material are wider and cover more of the hips from the side. The name suggests cheekiness, showing off medium-coverage of skin. The cheeky thong has a sufficient amount of fabric to leave you feeling secure while not losing the full freedom of a thong.

What Is The Difference Between A G-String and A Thong Panty?

There is a common misconception that a g string and thong equate to the same thing. While thongs and g strings have similarities, each is its own type of panty. In the lingerie market, many women use them interchangeably. Both are go-to styles for removing visible panty lines, but there are signature differences between the two.

A g string is not a thong, but a variation of a thong. A g string garment typically consists of minimal material forming a string which passes between the butt cheeks and up to connect the waistband. To the front is material in a v shape, and they are worn to be unnoticeable under clothing.

Ultimately the main difference between the thong and the g string is the string. Thongs have a wider strip of material, rather than a string.  While both have little coverage, the g string is significantly skimpy in comparison to the thong.


Now we’ve covered what a thong noun is, you’ll have a better understanding of its qualities, good and bad. Thongs are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, offering all kinds of advantages. But knowing when to wear one and when to avoid it will keep your intimate area protected, and switch your mood to ultra-confident when you need it most. Never underestimate the power of a thong, or the power of you!