Organizing Underwear Drawer: How To Do It In 6 Easy Steps

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Organizing your underwear drawer can be a therapeutic or a well-needed activity, depending on how often you do it, and we recommend it often! Knowing exactly what is in your underwear drawer, what fits you, and what will need replacing, can make choosing the right underwear much easier on a morning!

If you can clearly see exactly what you own, then you can choose the perfect pair of panties every time. If your underwear drawer resembles a jumble sale though, you may want to consider a day of organizing.

Before you set out to organize, remember to be prepared to replenish your stores! Here at EBY, we believe underwear should be empowering as well as comfortable, but you can’t be either without knowing exactly what underwear you own!

From drawer dividers and drawer organizers to different fold techniques, if you’re thinking it’s time for a massive sort out of all those odds and ends in your underwear drawer, then take a look at our handy little guide below. It’s full of tips and tricks for making organizing your underwear drawer quick, simple, and easy.

Organizing Underwear: 6 Great Tips and Process

Staring at a big jumble of underwear every morning is hardly the best start to the day, never mind the task of trying to find the right underwear for the day ahead, and so organizing your tangled bras from ten-year-old briefs can help you to begin your day in the right way!

Knowing what exactly you own in terms of underwear means knowing how you’re going to rock that little black dress! It’s okay if your drawer is a jumbled mess, we’ve got a whole list of nifty little tricks ready to help you organize your dresser drawers.

Sort and Segregate

Step one: Let’s see what’s actually in your underwear drawer. It’s time to sort and segregate all of your underwear into piles. What do you wear every day? What haven’t you worn in decades? And which pairs of lacy lingerie deserve a special spot in your newly organized drawer?

We recommend clearing enough space in your room for multiple piles. Stuff you want to keep, sorted and segregated by functionality, and then another pile for the underwear that just isn’t going to make the cut.

Everyday Use

For everyday underwear, we recommend keeping quality, comfortable underwear that is still in good condition and that you know you actually wear. If you’re debating about those comfy panties you’ve had since you were in college, we’re telling you to cull them!

This pile needs to be only for underwear you will wear everyday, underwear that is in good condition, and underwear that makes you feel good when you put it on!

Special Wear

This pile is for the stuff you know you don’t wear often but that is still deserving of a place in your drawer. Those lacy knickers you only save for special occasions, the shapewear you wear under that one little black dress, they go on this pile.

It’s not getting used every day but it is getting used. This pile should only contain items that are still in good condition, of course, but you don’t need to make a promise to wear it every day, because not all underwear is made for everyday wear!

Make a Discard and Donate Piles

Step two: let the culling commence. The piles you create during this step need to contain items you can either donate or discard.

For the donation pile, make sure the items are either unused if they’re panties, or in very good condition for bras. Some charities will accept donations of unused underwear and a few places accept donations of used bras too.

The discard pile should be for anything that has holes, has lost its shape, has frayed, has stains, and anything else that doesn’t deserve a spot in your new and organized drawer.

There are a few ways to discard underwear in a sustainable way. Underwear made from natural fibers can be composted, while others can be turned into rags and upcycled in other innovative ways to ensure your clear-out doesn’t have an impact on the environment.

Worn Out Underwear

Those super comfy panties you wear for lounging around on the couch in your leggings? They go on this pile. Anything that is misshapen, lost its elasticity, or just doesn’t fit right anymore. There is no use in poorly fitting underwear and it has no place in your new organized top drawer.

Damaged, Holes, Frays, Stains, Elastic Issues, Old

For the damaged items, meaning anything that has holes in it, is fraying, is losing its elasticity, and is stained, make a new pile. This pile can be discarded in a number of ways, including composting those items that can be, upcycling pieces, and recycling them.

Replace With Fresh Underwear

Replacing your underwear shouldn’t be an afterthought, in fact, we recommend replacing it before you’ve even thrown anything away. For starters, the thought of the lovely new underwear going into the jumbled mess you currently call an underwear drawer should be motivation enough. And secondly, so that you’re not going to run out of panties in a few days!

In addition, you should actually be replacing your underwear much more often than you realize. Indeed, some people suggest replacing as often as 6 – 9 months.

Purchase New Underwear to Replace Discarded/Donated

When you are replacing your old underwear, remember to choose underwear options you already know you like so that next time you clear out your underwear drawer, it’s not the same underwear types being thrown away.

As you organize, you can make note of the pieces that are getting thrown away most. Are more thongs than anything else going in the bin? Are all your favorite pieces actually made of soft cotton and all the lacy pieces being culled?

Organizing your drawer full of undergarments is a great way to gather more information on what you actually want to wear under your clothes!

EBY Underwear Collections

The EBY underwear collection offers a fantastic place for you to restock your undergarment collection. With our extensive range of seamless panties, offering a breathable natural cotton lining, no-slip technology, and a 100% fit guarantee all at a great price, you can’t go wrong when you shop for new underwear with us here at EBY.

Organizing Strategies

Whether it’s new drawer dividers and drawer organizers or a brand new underwear fold technique, organizing strategies are going to get you through this next step. This is where we channel Marie Kondo and turn into masterful underwear organizers.

Organizing Underwear Drawer - EBY

By Color/Design/Pattern

The first option for organizing your underwear is by color. This is a really good idea if you know you’ve got clothing items that require specifically colored underwear. Separate your nudes and neutrals from your colorful and heavily patterned underwear pieces to ensure you can find the right pair for that white summer dress.

By Functionality

Another option for the underwear organization is functionality. Separate your underwear into exactly when it is needed, for what kinds of outfits and different activities so you don’t even need to look for the perfect pair, no matter your plans.

Everyday Use

Simple, comfortable, and breathable underwear should be on this pile! Anything you know you can wear every day.


This pile should be heavy on moisture-wicking panties and well-fitting underwear.

Special Occasions

And, this pile should have your fancy lingerie, your favorite shapewear, and anything else that isn’t every day but deserves keeping.

By Type

And finally, this organization method means allotting different sections in your drawer dividers for underwear by its type.


Lacy intimates, special pieces, and all the other stuff that is saved for special occasions.


Give your drawer organizer a little spot that is ready for holidays and lazy days by the beach by gathering all of your favorite bikinis together.


This pile will be your go-to when you’re trying to avoid the visible panty line!


For evenings when you’re looking for smooth lines and spandex.


And, a section for all your comfy, cotton favorites.

Use Efficient Folding Techniques

Finally, the underwear folding techniques! Now that you’ve gutted and then organized your underwear drawer into a functional space, it’s time to fold. Different underwear folding techniques can help to save space where there isn’t much and can make it easy for you to see what you own!

Roll Method

The roll method is a great way to save space. Start at the waistband and begin rolling tightly down. Stop, leaving about 2″ and flip over. Fold both sides into the middle and fold the bottom up, creating a pocket. Then pull this pocket around the whole thing creating a little panty burrito!

Square Method

For a more traditional and space-saving method, use the square method. Start with your underwear lying flat. Fold the bottom to the waistband and then fold both sides inwards. You’re left with a little square that is perfect for stacking your underwear!

Consider a Drawer Divider

A drawer organizer is a really great way of ensuring your underwear drawer stays neat and tidy after all your work. Consider adding a drawer divider and making a commitment to keep your drawer tidy.


Organizing your underwear drawer is a great way to make space for new items, and get rid of all of the pieces you no longer need. A huge variety of underwear organizers is available to shop online, no matter what size drawer you have. Our handy guide offers a wide range of organization methods to make sure you can find the underwear you need at all times.