The Ultimate Guide To Shopping The Best Plus Size Underwear

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

The underwear you wear can invoke a range of emotions. If you’re feeling low, a comfy pair of cotton pants fits perfectly under your leggings and hoodie for a day on the sofa. And a lacey pair of bikini briefs can make you feel sexy, empowered, and confident.

Understanding what styles of underwear you can buy, as well as the way different fabrics work and feel, can help you to choose the pairs that make you feel best.

For plus-sized women though, finding lingerie that works, feels good, and looks good can be difficult. Lots of plus-sized underwear traditionally comes in very basic styles, colors, and shapes.

Mainstream underwear brands typically cater only to certain body types, making it difficult for plus-sized women to shop.

Like with lots of the fashion industry, women’s underwear can feel inaccessible at times to those who don’t fit with a certain standardized beauty standard. And, when these brands do expand their lines to be more inclusive, plus-sized options are often ill-fitting, overpriced, and usually rather plain and unattractive.

Plus-sized women deserve as much variety and style in their underwear choices as those who aren’t plus-sized, which is why we’ve created a handy buying guide for plus-sized women.

This blog post will cover the best places you can find plus-sized underwear that make you feel great.

Plus-size Underwear Buying Guide

Though not obvious in the mainstream, plus-sized lingerie exists and exists in beautiful colors and prints, shapes, and styles. Like mainstream underwear, plus-sized underwear is beautiful, stylish, and can make you feel empowered and sexy.

We’ve created a guide to the different styles and fabrics you can find in plus-sized underwear and how each one works with your body.


The style of your underwear can really make a difference to how you feel when you wear it. Whether you love a low-rise brief or a high-rise thong, there is something for everyone in plus-sized styles. For more information on how different styles and fabrics can work, keep reading!

High-rise (High Waisted)

Modeled on the original granny panties, high-rise underwear is nothing like its ancestors. High-rise, or high waisted, underwear sits high on the stomach, at the waist, helping with smooth lines and tummy support and control.

High waisted panties, unlike granny panties, are sleek and sexy, working with your natural figure. Perfect under high-waisted clothing and slim-fitting dresses, the high-rise is a must-have underwear style.


Sitting neatly on the hips, the mid-rise is a really great style for everyday wear. As a reliable, comfortable underwear style, we think the mid-rise is an indispensable item in your underwear drawer.

Mid-rise underwear fits well under most jeans and doesn’t irritate, making them super comfy for everyday wear.


Low-rise is like the marmite of the underwear world, you either love them or hate them. Sitting below the stomach, low-rise styles don’t offer the support that you get from high-waist options, but they do have a place in your underwear drawer.

Low-rise panties are great for low-cut clothing and ensuring you can’t see your underwear above your waistband!


Another vital part of your underwear is the fabric it is made from. Different fabrics offer different benefits and below we’ve rounded up a few of them to help you choose which is best for you.


Lace detail on sexy lingerie can make you feel confident and empowered. Adding just the right amount of beauty to your undergarments can make you feel great.

Though lace makes you feel and look good, it can be an irritating fabric to wear. If you’re shopping for comfortable panties, we wouldn’t recommend opting for lace underwear, but if it’s sexy underwear you’re trying to find, then lace thongs will be your friend.


The ultimate fabric for soft and comfortable panties, cotton has anti-microbial and highly-absorbent properties, making it a great fabric for everyday wear.

A lightweight fabric, panties made from cotton will always make you feel cute and comfortable.


Synthetics seem to be slightly demonized when it comes to normal underwear but these fabrics are actually fantastic, sweat-wicking fabrics, perfect for workout underwear. Though, perhaps, not the best for everyday wear (since it’s not as breathable), synthetic fabrics should have a place in your drawer.

Good quality synthetic underwear should always have a cotton gusset. The soft fabric at the lining will help to absorb moisture and make the underwear more breathable.


Finally, sizing is always important when it comes to underwear. Making sure your underwear fit right is one of the best ways to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Finding underwear brands that offer inclusive sizing may be more difficult than it should be, but ensuring your panties fit is essential to good health.

Wearing too tight or too loose underwear can cause discomfort, panty lines, and trapped moisture, so make sure you choose a pair that fits well!

Best Plus-Size Underwear Styles

Underwear style is important to how it makes you feel and understanding how each style fits can help you choose!

Cheeky Underwear

Cheeky underwear does exactly what it says on the tin, reveals a little of your bum cheeks! As a happy medium between a thong and full coverage, cheeky plus-size panties are sexy and comfortable.

With most of your rear exposed, cheeky underwear offers more coverage at the hips with a thicker band. Usually available in mid-rise, you can find high and low-rise styles in cheeky underwear.

Cheeky underwear can be styled with a number of outfits and defends well against the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines).

Usually priced between $15 and $30, you can sometimes find cheeky underwear as low as $6. Cheeky briefs usually come on their own, but you can find some multi-packs on a budget.

You can find a fantastic range of cheeky underwear here at EBY.

Best Plus Size Underwear - Cheeky Underwear - EBY

Hipster Underwear

Blending the bikini cut with boy shorts style underwear, the hipster sits just below the belly button and offers a figure-flattering cut. Working well on all body types, hipsters are perfect for wearing under low-rise jeans and other trousers.

Hipsters tend to offer full coverage of the bum, hips, and wide leg openings but some styles may vary slightly.

Hipster briefs are easy to find in multipacks and are a great choice when on a budget.

Brief Panties - Best Plus Size Underwear - EBY


For full coverage and a cozy fit, boyshorts are your best friends. Styled after men’s underwear, boyshorts offer maximum coverage of the butt, hips, and even the upper thigh!

Perfect to wear under a dress or skirt for protection on a windy day, this style can also be worn as loungewear and under thermals. Boyshorts are also great for avoiding VPLs but can get quite warm so it’s best to choose a style in moisture-wicking fabric.

Boyshorts are usually minimal in color and fabric, meaning they come in quite affordable, usually costing around $10 to $15.

Boyshorts - Best Seamless Underwear - EBY

Bikini Underwear

Bikini underwear offers a lot less coverage and a lot more confidence. Usually, in a low-rise style, bikini cuts have skinny side panels, some even only offer a string!

The bikini cut saw its heyday in the 90s but is still popular now. A comfortable style, the bikini cut fits under most clothing styles, though VPLs may be visible in some materials!

Bikini styles are usually more delicate and dainty, meaning they come in a little bit more expensive than other styles. Usually costing around $20, bikini styles are great for special occasions.

You can shop online some really great bikini styles right here at EBY!

Best Plus Size Underwear - Bikini Underwear - EBY

Styling Plus-Size Underwear

Styling plus size underwear is easy, as long as you’re buying high-quality and well-fitting items, but there are a few things you should remember!

Avoid Frumpy Pairs

High-rise panties may be an ancestor of granny panties, but they’re a very, very distant ancestor. Find pairs that complement your figure, fit well, and make you feel fabulous, not frumpy.

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Curves

Your underwear doesn’t need to hide your natural curves. Let the full beauty of your natural figure show in your lingerie. Choose what makes you feel good and don’t be afraid of being curvy!

Embrace Your Natural Shape

Finding underwear that helps you not only embrace, but love, your natural shape is paramount to feeling good. Find well-fitting and sleek-looking underwear to enhance your natural figure.


Finding plus-size underwear is getting easier as brands become more inclusive and accessible. Knowing what you’re looking for in terms of style, fabric, size, and even fun patterns is the best way to ensure you find well-fitting, comfortable and empowering underwear.

Plus-size affordable underwear doesn’t have to be boring and frumpy and you should find styles that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Here at EBY, we believe underwear should be empowering. Check out our full range to find some amazing plus-sized products.