Women’s Underwear Size Chart

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

As with women’s clothing, women’s underwear sizing is not universal across brands, so finding the perfect fit can be difficult.

Underwear that doesn’t fit properly can cause lots of issues, and it’s just downright uncomfortable. If it’s too tight, it can be painful and if it’s too loose, it can fall down or move around. Well-fitting underwear is essential to comfort and how you feel in your clothes!

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to work out what size underwear you need, no matter the brand. For some great tips for finding well-fitting underwear, keep reading!

Signs Your Underwear Is The Wrong Size

Before we dive into the particulars of working out your underwear size though, you need to know how to tell when your underwear isn’t fitting right.

Ill-fitting underwear can cause many problems, including discomfort, pain, and visible lines in your clothing. So, knowing when your underwear isn’t fitting right is a great way to find the right size.

Too Tight – Bulges

If your underwear is causing your skin to bulge over the top, particularly where your hips and love handles are concerned, the waistband may be too tight on you.

In addition, if you’ve got a visible panty line that’s giving you ‘two bums’ vibes, then the leg holes of your underwear are too tight.

No Back Support

If your underwear is gaping at the back giving absolutely no support, you know your underwear is too big.

Bunching Fabric

This one probably seems obvious, but if there is excess fabric bunching between your legs, gaping at your waist, or at your side, then you’ve got the wrong size on!


Underwear shouldn’t give you a wedgie! Even thongs, contrary to some of their cruder nicknames, shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. If your underwear is giving you a wedgie, it’s time to reassess the size you’re buying.

Waistband That Rides Up

This one can cause discomfort and a visible waistband above your clothes. If your underwear is riding up, or down, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size.

Rashes and Panties Digging Into Your Skin

If any of your underwear is giving you rashes, there is a chance it’s too small and is rubbing against your skin. Other causes could be the detergent you’re using or the fabric the underwear is made of. Either way, it might be time to move on from those particular panties.

Likewise, if your underwear is digging in, leaving marks, and causing discomfort, it is the wrong size for you to be wearing.

Finding Your Panty Size

To find the perfect size for your underwear, there are a few measurements you’re going to need to know. Sizes differ across brands and so knowing your measurements can help you to choose the correct size with each brand.

Grab your measuring tape and follow our instructions below to ensure you’re getting the correct measurement for hip and waist size.

Measure Your Waist

To find your natural waist, you should bend at the sides and note where your body indents. Wrap a  tape measure around your waist so it’s snug, but not tight, and take the measurement.

Measure Your Hips

To measure hip size, you’re looking for the fullest part of your hips. Take this measurement using a tape measure, the same as above, snug but not tight, and make sure to measure around the fullest part of the hip.

Use The Underwear Size Chart

An underwear size chart should be available no matter the brand you’re looking at. This means you should be able to find what size of women’s underwear you need at any brand you shop at.

Make sure you have your measurements close by so that you can match them to the women’s underwear sizes on the underwear size chart.

Panty Size Guide - Underwear Size Chart - EBY

When taking your measurements, you may write them in centimeters or inches. Be prepared to have to convert the measurements depending on the brand!

Underwear Style Considerations

Different styles of underwear sit differently on the body meaning there may be differences in which size you choose for which style.


Hipster briefs should sit on the hips and provide full coverage of the bum and hips. They can be made in a range of fabrics, including sturdy and comfortable cotton, and delicate and dainty lace.

As a great choice for low-rise clothing, it is essential that hipster briefs fit and do not ride up. Choosing the right hipster brief means finding the right balance between tight enough to stay in place and not too tight that they create bulges.


Bikini styles also usually come in low-rise styles, meaning they sit between your waist measurement and your hip measurement.

They provide less coverage across the bum, meaning you need to be aware of the size of the leg openings too, ensuring they’re not cutting into your butt and ruining the line of your trousers!


Thongs are a go-to for those wanting to avoid the visible panty line, indeed, the EBY thong panties are made from our signature seamless fabric, creating smooth lines everywhere!

Thongs shouldn’t give you a wedgie and if they do, you need to size up. Your thong should sit well against your body, and whether low-rise or high-rise, should not dig into your body.

If you’re opting for a G-string, ensure you’re not cutting off circulation with the strings over your hips!


A great style for everyday wear, your brief style panties should fit well and not dig in, or bunch up. Briefs offer almost full coverage, making them a modest design, but also a style prone to the visible panty line.

With EBY brief panties you can protect against the visible panty line as they’re made with our seamless fabric. The perfect pair for everyday wear, check out our underwear size chart and find the perfect size for you!


An elegant and sexy style, the cheeky style panty offers side coverage but much less butt coverage than brief style panties.

This style usually comes in a mid-rise style, meaning it sits on your top hip. This is a good style to wear under slim-fitting styles as the lack of bum coverage protects against the visible panty line. The EBY cheeky underwear is perfect for smooth lines, having been made with our signature seamless fabric.


Boyshorts are great for a cozy fit. Providing full coverage of the butt, hips, and upper thighs, they’re great to wear under dresses and skirts, especially on windy days.

This style is great for avoiding a panty line though care should be taken to ensure they’re not too tight! Boyshorts can be slightly too snug if they’re tight, meaning moisture can build up and cause irritation.

Signs Your Underwear Fits Properly

We’ve talked a lot about ill-fitting underwear in this blog post, so now we’re going to discuss what it should feel like when your underwear fits properly!


The waistband of your underwear should sit nicely against your skin. It shouldn’t roll, bunch, or dig in. If it does, you may need to retake your waist/hip measurements!


Butt coverage changes per panty style so a good rule-of-thumb is to ensure that the butt seam doesn’t ride up and that it covers each cheek evenly. If the butt seam is digging in, choose a size up to avoid the ‘two bums’ look.


The crotch part of your underwear should lie flat against your skin. There should be no bunching and it should feel secure but not tight.


Leg openings shouldn’t cause any indentations and should sit comfortably.


Finding the right underwear size seems like a mammoth task when different brands use different sizing, but knowing how your underwear should feel can help you choose the right size. In addition, knowing your measurements can help you to make the right decisions where size is concerned compared with the brand’s underwear size chart.

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