15 Trendy Tank Top Outfits You Have To Try

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Tank tops are a #hot staple for your summer wardrobe. Wear them with denim shorts, linen trousers, or a cheeky mini skirt. Tank tops are also an essential part of any fierce layered winter look. You can dress them up or dress them down. You need this versatile wardrobe essential.

Continue reading for some inspiration on all of the chic and dressed-down ways you can pull off all types of tank tops

15 Trendy Tank Top Outfits

From sexy leather pants to chic midi skirts, the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your seamless tank top. Let’s take a look at these #trendy tank top outfit ideas.

White/Beige Button Down Shirt + Black Tank Top + Linen Pants + Sandals

Both chic and casual, perfect for looking elegant for the street in the summer heat! Go for beige trousers and a white shirt for a more fresh look, or keep it chic with a black shirt and black linen pants. Remove the shirt if you’re getting super hot weather, or add a casual cardigan if it’s chilly out.

Matching Set + Tank Top + Platforms

If you’ve got a matching tracksuit set with bottoms and a hoodie, use your black or white tank top and a pair of platform sneakers to tie it all together. This look will be perfect for casual lounging around or running errands. Ditch the hoodie for a spring athleisure look.

Tank Top + Printed Jeans + Vintage Sneakers

The perfect match for printed boyfriend jeans. A black or plain white tank top won’t distract from the brilliant pattern. This look is ideal for a coffee date or day trip. You can switch out the sneakers for a pair of booties with a platform heel to dress this outfit up. You can add a jacket to this outfit for winter wear too.

Colorful Suit + Tank Top + White Shoes

Your tank top is the perfect partner for your colorful suit. You can match your tank top color with the suit for a monochrome look or stick with black and white. This is a formal outfit for work or a fancy dinner. You can switch out the white shoes for a pair of court heels for added elegance.

Silky Camisole + Tailored Trousers + Simple Jewellery

If you’re dying to wear that silky camisole in your wardrobe, but it shows a little too much cleavage, the tank top is your answer. You can wear this look for cocktails or work. Try some colorful trousers for a bold look. You can add more sparkle with jewelry for an evening look.

Monochrome Neutrals + Leather Pants + Tank Top

You can create a chic and sexy look perfect for winter outings with leather pants and monochrome neutrals. Go for classic black leather for an edgy aesthetic, or cream leather paired with light beiges for a softer look. The neutral tank top will add depth, providing more neutral shades. Add a fedora hat to make this look pop.

Sparkly Sequined Skirt + Camisole

You can use the tank top to conceal your cleavage for the sparkly sequin skirt and wrap the camisole look. This outfit is perfect for clubbing. Pair with stilettos if you’re going clubbing, or switch them out for small heels to stay comfortable. Add a fur coat for the winter to look expensive.

Printed Silk Skirt + Cropped Tank Top

A printed silk midi skirt with a cropped tank top is the perfect uber-femme look for a date or drink with the girls. You can pair a colorful printed skirt with a white tank top for summer or a darker print skirt with a black tank top for a rich winter look. Pair with high heels, booties, or sandals.

Cropped Black Tank Top + Sweatpants + Combat Boots

You can turn your loungewear into a power outfit with a black tank top and some combat black boots. For a more bold look, pair your tank top with some bright red sweatpants. Or, keep it low-key with some black sweatpants. This look is perfect for day trips; just add a shearling jacket for colder weather.

Tank Top + High Waist Jeans + Sneakers

This look is simple and cool. Pair a neutral tone tank top with your high waist jeans to wear this anywhere. You can switch the sneakers for heeled boots and add statement jewelry to dress it up—pair black skinny jeans with a black tank top to keep it sleek.

Tank Top Outfits

Tank Top + Midi-Skirt

To create an elegant and feminine look, pair your tank top with a midi skirt. You can go for striking all-white for a dazzling and eye-catching look. This outfit is perfect for any occasion.  Pair it with white sneakers for daytime or strappy heels for evening wear.

Tank Top + Jacket + Leather Pants + Chunky Sneakers

This look is perfect to create that tough-girl aesthetic for a trip to the cinema or shopping. You can wear a leather jacket to keep it classic. You can wear this look with chunky sneakers to stay comfortable or switch them out for booties. 

Tank Top + White Button Down + Boxy Blazer + High Waisted Cropped Trousers + Pumps

This layered look is perfect for the winter months. You can layer neutral tones with a camel blazer and neutral tank top, or you can go for an all-white look. Wear this for work, or switch out the trousers for jeans to make it less formal.

Tank Top + Paper Bag Shorts + Slides

This breezy cool look is perfect for summer on the street. You can go for white or brown shorts with a neutral muscle tank for a softer look. Or, you can switch out the slides for brogues or oxford shoes for summer walks through the town. Try adding a mini backpack and sunglasses for the perfect summer street tourism look.

Tank Top + Bike Shorts + Oversized Blazer + Chunky Creepers

This ensemble is edgy and taps into the girl-boss aesthetic. You can make it colorful and bold or keep it black and chic. This look is perfect day-wear for summer shopping, and you can swap out the creepers for platform sneakers if you plan to walk a lot.


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