How to Pick The Right Thong

Team EBY Randy

The adage, “when my underwear matches my outfit, I really feel like I have my life together” really says it all in terms of why we pursue the elusive search for the right underwear. 

If you are anything like me, you search for pieces that not only highlight the best of what you have going on but also effectively minimize things that you would rather stay hidden. All this to say that the right underwear can make a difference to you in terms of confidence and self-worth, giving you the boost you need to conquer the world. 

Now, let’s look at one specific type of underwear, that being the “thong” to learn more about how to select the right thong for your body and preferences.

Understand Thongs Aren’t Naughty… Unless You Want Them to Be

If you were raised to think good girls don’t wear thongs, think again! Today’s thongs are fashionable, supportive and are far from the trampy look you might consider when describing this type of underwear. In fact, there are many types of thongs that you can try, meaning there is more than one option when it comes to high-quality thongs and I have you covered on what to expect and how to find your perfect fit!


Types of Thongs: The Cuts to Know

Thongs come in various cuts, offering a variety of coverage options. The following is a breakdown of the most commonly seen types of thongs and how they differ from other choices:

  • Micro Thong: This offers very minimal coverage in both the back and front and is the smallest type of thong you can choose.
  • Dipped Thong: The dipped thong is so named for its subtle dip in the front. As a result, this type of thong offers a bit more coverage on the sides. It is designed to be worn high on the hips.
  • T-String Thong: Named for the t-connection where the strings meet on the backside, the t-string thong offers string-only coverage on the backside. However, it does offer a bit more coverage up front when compared to the micro thong.  
  • High Cut Thong: With a slight variation, the high cut thong is similar to the dipped thong. It is made to sit even higher up on the hips, though, providing a flattering look.
  • Cotton Thong: As you might expect, cotton thongs are constructed with cotton material and either have logo rib or cotton rib. They often feature a sporty waistband and are high-waisted.
  • Smoothing Thong: Although it only offers light support, the smoothing thong features a classic silhouette and provides a little compression across the tummy for a smoothing effect.
  • Shapewear Thong: This type of thong offers targeted compression and tummy control while having little footprint, which makes it work well with formal wear. It is barely there supportive wear.
  • High Waisted Thong: As one of my favorite cuts, the high-waisted thong provides needed coverage for the tummy without pesky or visible panty lines due to its cut. It’s the perfect combination of cheekiness and coverage and makes a wonderful big butt thong.

how to pick the right thong

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Thong

As with any type of panty, there are many options when it comes to thong fabric. Choosing the right fabric for your thong is essential. Cotton thongs or those with a cotton lining are the most breathable and healthiest for sensitive areas. Nylon and spandex with a cotton lining offer the best of both worlds, preventing chafing and slipping. Match your panties to your outfit – when less is more, any thong works, but for workouts or jeans, choose one with more coverage. Have fun with colors and patterns while ensuring comfort and fit. You also want fabric that won’t move on you, chafe, slip down, or ride up. I hate when my underwear makes it way north throughout the day! So, nylon and spandex with a cotton lining is ideal as this offers the best of both worlds. It’s also good to match your panties to the type of clothing you are wearing. In other words, when less is more is ideal, any thong is great. However, when you are working out or even wearing jeans, consider a thong with more coverage. You can go crazy and have fun with colors, patterns and more, because no one will be the wiser when it comes to what you have on under your favorite outfit except to note that you look amazing!

Make Sure The Thong Fits

Lastly, as you work to select the right thong for your body and your preferences, the last thing to make sure of is that it fits you correctly. No one wants droopy drawers, but on the other hand, you want to be able to breathe too and not have your circulation cut off. Your thong should fit snugly but not leave harsh lines in your skin after you have removed them. It’s also important to keep your thong in its place, meaning no whale tales please, as this fad died, while admittedly serving its purpose well in Y2K fashion. (Whales tales occur when the thong comes up out of the back of low-rise pants, skirts and shorts).

Interesting Facts About Underwear

Before moving on to choosing the right thong for you, peruse these fun facts about underwear you probably didn’t know:

  • It is illegal to leave your home without underwear in Thailand.
  • Italian women like to ring in the New Year in red underwear as it is considered lucky!
  • The Wright Brothers used a muslin fabric on their plane wings, which was previously only used to make women’s underwear.
  • Some 15% of all women currently own underwear that is between five and nine years old (not good).
  • Women didn’t start wearing underwear until later than men, much later in fact, as it was considered “inappropriate” for them to wear anything between their legs. 19th century women instead wore long heavy petticoats.

Enjoy Your Thong

seamless panties

Now that you have read up on all the information you need to know and even some fun facts, its time to choose the right thong for your body and preference. I would love you to consider the EBY Collection. I personally love this collection so much thanks to its quality and affordability as well as subscription savings. This collection includes underwear of all styles, including high-waisted thongs that are buttery smooth yet stay in place and show no panty line. They also don’t bunch or pinch, and we offer a 100% fit guarantee. Check out the collection of seamless thongs for women that are made for everybody. These thongs effectively provide the invisible coverage you need to feel confident, sexy, and empowered no matter where your day takes you! Learn more about the many options you can choose from to create a new sexy vibe that will have you slaying your day!

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