Hipster vs Bikini Underwear: Which One Is The Best For You?

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

The perfect panty for you can come in all different types, shapes, and sizes. While the expansive range of options is great for most people, for some, finding the perfect pair of underwear can seem overwhelming.

Knowing the panty styles that flatter your unique body shape, while still offering premium comfort, is essential. Ill-fitting underwear is not only irritating, but it can also negatively affect self-esteem and confidence.

Choosing a suitable panty for different activities or outfits is essential as some cuts are more revealing than others, and a certain style of panty may not be suitable for every occasion.

At EBY, we believe that flawless-fitting underwear should be easily accessible to all women. As a result, we have created this ultimate guide for hipster vs bikini underwear, so that you know exactly what to expect from different styles of underwear.

What Are Cheeky Panties?

Both hipster and bikini panties are types of underwear styles more generally referred to as “cheeky.” While cheekies are not as revealing as thongs, they do expose more skin than boyshorts.

Cheeky panties offer a full coverage fit in the front section, making them appear very similar to the shape of briefs when looking at them from an onwards angle. However, cheekies earn their fun and flirty name with their slightly more revealing behind.

Towards the back, the panties have slightly less coverage than briefs. The rear coverage ends with the hem sitting firmly in the middle of the bum cheek, exposing the curvature of the buttock area.

Two main examples of cheeky styles of underwear are hipster and bikini panties.

What Are Hipster Panties?

Hipster panties are best described as a unique blend of boyshorts and bikini panties. This style of underwear achieves a great balance between offering security and coverage, while still allowing those wearing the panties to feel sexy.

Sitting firmly towards the top half of the hip bone, hipster panties provide a wider gusset for a bit more coverage over the buttock area. The gusset fits snugly against where the bum cheek meets the leg for a secure and comfortable fit.

This makes the hipster style of panty popular for a range of activities, including going to the gym and wearing as designated “period pants.” Hipster panties are a great option for physical exercise as they won’t irritate or chafe sensitive skin. Instead, hipsters provide a cushion that allows airflow to encourage sweat absorption and lower the risk of bacterial infection.

Additionally, many women choose to wear hipster panties when experiencing their time of the month! The thick waistband and wide gusset make for comfortable wear that can easily support your sanitary products.

With this versatility, it is no surprise that most ladies consider hipster panties as a wardrobe staple! A good quality hipster panty will cost you anywhere between $10 to $25 on average.

What Are Bikini Panties?

Bikini-style underwear differs from other types of women’s underwear due to their more sensual fit. This type of panties sit lower down on women’s bodies and are much more revealing than other types of women’s intimates, such as boy shorts and briefs.

The bikini bottoms offer less coverage with a narrow gusset that complements the curve of the buttock area, exposing the lower half of your bum cheek. Due to this, bikini underwear can be worn under a multitude of clothing types.

For example, if you’re wearing low-rise bottoms, bikini panties are your best bet to avoiding the dreaded whale tail! Similarly, bikini panties can be worn under tighter form-fitting outfits without the fear of exposed visible panty lines.

Bikini panties are also one of the most popular styles for bathing suits as they allow a greater amount of skin to be exposed while still providing more coverage than a thong. As a result, bikini styles are preferred for tanning as the sun can reach more areas of skin and prevent obvious tan lines.

At EBY, bikini panties cost an affordable $15!

Key Differences Between Hipster Vs Bikini

Despite their similar level of coverage in the front region of the panties, bikini and hipster underwear have several notable differences. The most obvious variance between the two is the gusset shape. This is the material that connects the front to the back, which covers up your private areas. As bikinis tend to be more revealing, they have a narrower gusset compared to hipsters, which have more coverage.

Another key difference between hipster and bikini underwear is how you style them. Due to the full coverage nature of hipster underwear, you may find it more difficult to avoid exposing panty lines when wearing tighter clothing items. On the other hand, the bikini styles sit lower on the hips and have less fabric over the buttocks, meaning a panty line is harder to detect.

The leg opening cut on bikini underwear is also higher than the hipster style, creating the illusion of longer legs.

Hipster vs Bikini - EBY

Other Types of Women’s Underwear

The other main types of women’s underwear include thongs, G-strings, and high briefs! These have a range of cuts and styles to suit different wearing occasions.


Thongs have a thin gusset that offers no bum cheek coverage for an exposed rear, contrary to cheeky panties. With minimal fabric across the hips, thongs can be worn under tight-fitting clothing for a seamless look. They are available in a low-rise style as well as a higher cut.


G-strings are an extreme version of thongs, and appear undetectable when worn under clothing! With the only real coverage hiding the genital area, the rest of the hip and buttock are fully exposed. The front is held in place by a thin string that connects to a narrow strip that sits on the hips.

High Briefs

High-waisted panties offer stomach support for more control throughout the day. With more fabric surrounding the waist, hip, and bum cheek area, high-waisted briefs provide full coverage for maximum security.


In summary, though hipster and bikini panties may appear similar at first, the two styles are very different in terms of fit and coverage. EBY offers a range of beautiful bikini and fuller coverage panties that are designed with seamless smooth hems for a flawless silhouette. Made with a unique no-slip nylon grip for premium comfort, EBY mixes glamour with function!