Why Is There a Pocket in Women’s Panties?

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

You know when some object in your life has always caught your eye, but you have no clue what purpose it serves? Such as holes on pen caps or the hole in the center of a can’s tab. We’re here to break down at least one mystery for you: the little pocket-like opening in your underwear. 

This opening is known as the panty gusset. While not one side should go left unsown, substandard underwear manufacturers often leave one end open to create a pocket-like space. Don’t be disappointed to find out it is no place to store tampons, nor a decoration or design feature — it’s for a way better purpose: hygiene!

What is a Gusset? 

It is imperative to preface this section by recognizing that the most sensitive part of a woman’s body is their private area. This area is highly susceptible to skin irritation, inflammation, and infection, and when not taken care of properly, an individual can develop lifelong gynecological damage. 

A panty gusset is formed by four seams, sewn together with twice the usual amount of fabric to create the protective layer. Even though the panty gusset looks like a little pocket, it (sadly) isn’t one. It’s a breathable, moisture-absorbing patch of ultra-soft fabric that offers better protection against yeast infections caused by trapped moisture. 

Gynecologists recommend a double-layered fabric with concealed ends in your panties to provide flexibility, diffuse stress, and wick moisture to keep you safe and dry. A breathable, moisture-absorbing material is essential for every woman, not only for protection from an irritable panty seam but also to keep you safe by providing a dry, antibacterial environment (for the harmful bacteria, we mean).

Why Is There a Pocket in Panties - EBY

Underwear Fabric and its Effect on Your Vaginal Health

You’ve probably realized there isn’t just one universal fabric used to make women’s underwear. Nowadays, manufacturers use a plethora of synthetic and pure fabrics to construct each pair of panties. But not all fabrics are safe for your vaginal health! 

Synthetic materials tend to irritate skin and trap moisture: As cute as lacy panties are, bare lace can scratch your sensitive skin and cause a build-up of bacteria and sweat. 

Gynecologists often recommend silk and cotton fabrics for an irritation-free experience with your underwear. For this reason, the soft and comfortable lining of the panty gusset often uses these pure fabrics for dual protection and breathability

A Concerning Reason Behind the Panty Gusset

The gussets should be sewn on both sides with concealed seams at the end for hygienic purposes and to avoid depositing colonic bacteria to live underneath the gusset. 

However, it takes up time and resources to sew these seams together. Thus, most manufacturers leave one end open to cut costs by saving valuable fabric and time, which creates an opening similar to that of a pocket. For this reason, it is best to avoid women’s panties with a panty gusset and a price tag that is just too good to be true.

It takes anywhere from 10 to 30 extra seconds to sew just one end of the gusset. On a larger production scale, this small step would result in hundreds of extra hours of labor wages. That is why it is important to invest a little bit more money in good quality and more expensive underwear.

How a Panty Gusset Can Change a Woman’s Life

Our panty gussets are discretely concealed and seamless (we promise!). Plus, we make each panty from the highest quality materials for maximum breathability and all-day comfort. No yeast infection over here! 

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