Why Is There a Pocket in Panties for Women

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

You know one of those things that have always been there but you don’t know what they are for nor ever stopped to think about it? Such as holes on pen caps or the hole in the center of a can’s tab. Well, we’re here to break down at least one mystery for you: the little pocket-like opening in your underwear. Don’t be disappointed to find out that it is no place to store tampons, nor a decoration or design feature- it’s for a way better purpose: hygiene! And spoiler alert: if it looks like a pocket, we’ve got a problem. The “pocket”, or “gusset”, should not have one side left unsown, as it is not a good sign of sophisticated underwear.

What is a Gusset? 

That little pocket has a name- it’s called a Gusset, and even though it looks like a little pocket, it isn’t really one. It’s a breathable moisture-absorbing patch made with extra soft material useful for extra protection and preventing yeast infections, created (ideally) by four seams coming together. It is made with double thickness to create freedom of movement (especially for those who are physically active) for a more comfortable wearing experience and to help disperse stress around the crotch area, increasing the panty’s durability. Fascinating, right?

The Purpose of a Gusset 

First and foremost, it’s important to know that the skin on a woman’s private area is the most sensitive part of their bodies. It is extremely susceptible to skin irritation, inflammations, and infections, and when not taken care of properly, an individual can develop lifelong gynecological damages. That’s where the importance of a gusset comes in: gynecologists worldwide recommend a double-layered fabric with concealed ends in your panties because it diffuses stress around the crotch area for flexibility, and its breathable moisture-absorbing material not only protects you from the underwear’s irritable seam but also keeps you safe and dry.

Why Is There a Pocket in Panties - EBY

Underwear Fabric and its Effect on Hygiene 

You’ve probably realized by now that there isn’t one universal fabric used to make women’s underwear. Nowadays there are more materials used in panties than ever before, varying from synthetic fabrics to pure fabrics. But not all of them are safe nor good for our vaginal health; Synthetic materials tend to be very irritating and often don’t allow the skin to breathe*, and as cute as lacy panties are, bare lace can scratch your sensitive skin and cause a build-up in bacteria and sweat.* Silk and cotton are usually most recommended by gynecologists for an irritation-free experience, which is why the gusset is so important — it is a soft and comfortable lining mostly made from those materials for protection and breathability. 

The Real Reason of Why Is There a “Pocket” in Panties for Women 

The gussets should be sewn on both sides with concealed seams at the end for hygienic purposes and to avoid depositing colonic bacteria to live under the gusset’s socket. However, sewing these two seams takes up a lot of time and energy. Thus, a lot of manufacturers leave one end open to save fabric and cut costs by saving time. This creates an opening similar to that of a pocket, which means that such companies’ products are usually sold at cheaper rates. So it’s probably not the best idea to buy cheap women’s underwear, right?

Gussets are ideally double layered and sewn with concealed seam at the end, with no space left open for a “pocket”. This creates double the protection and increases absorption, avoiding higher chances of developing a yeast infection or any other common bacteria issues. The reason why most “cheaper ” women’s underwear brands leave one end open and panties end up having a “pocket”-like gusset, is because it is considered economical and considerably faster. It takes about 10 to 30 extra seconds to sew just the one end of the gusset, and when that is put into a bigger production scale, it would result in hundreds of hours of extra labor. That is why it is important to invest a little bit more money in good quality and more expensive underwear.


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