Get Funded: A Guide to the Best Microloans for Women-Owned Businesses

Women-owned businesses account for 42% of all businesses in the United States. Despite this, women entrepreneurs face significant challenges when it comes to accessing funding for their businesses. Traditional banks often have strict lending requirements that can make it difficult for women to secure loans. However, microloans for women-owned businesses can give a practical alternative. In […]

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Welcome to Total Comfort: The Seamless Sheer Bralette Your Wardrobe Needs

The body positivity movement has brought a lot of favorable change for all women. For one, it has impacted the fashion industry, prompting us to rethink the role of intimate apparel, including bras. Bralettes, lightweight bras designed for comfort, are a primary example of this. Popularity for them has grown exponentially over the last few decades due […]

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The Ultimate Bodysuit Sizing Guide

Imagine a comfortable, form-fitting top that never untucks—or shapewear that highlights and accentuates your natural curves. A bodysuit is that magical one-piece in your closet that does all of the above. Bodysuits can function as slimming shirts, tank tops, or even lingerie. But, what do bodysuits look good with? And how are bodysuits supposed to […]

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