Bralette vs Bra: Which Is Best for You?

Team EBY Randy

Is there anything that feels better than walking into your house at the end of a long day and immediately taking off your bra? It’s such a wonderful feeling that there have been numerous articles and social media posts devoted to it.


But it’s worth noting that there might actually be one thing that feels better than doing this (and no, it’s not what you’re thinking!). What if you didn’t have to wear the same bra, with the same old-school technology (that was created by a man), and you put your foot down to no longer tolerate discomfort?


Putting on a comfortable bralette or bra is every woman’s right to break the cycle of being uncomfortable. 


Take a look at why you’ll love wearing the many bra or bralette options that exist over wearing any of the traditional wired bra options that are available below.


Ultra Comfortable Fabrics


When you put on a traditional wire bra, it isn’t going to feel that comfortable on your skin. It’s a big part of the reason why so many women can’t wait to rush right home at the end of each day to take their bras off. The wires are molded into the same form and not one woman’s breast shape is the same which forces you and your body to conform to a “standard” fit. Since no woman is the same this leads to automatic discomfort that so many of us have tolerated as “normal”. 


You won’t have to worry about experiencing this discomfort anymore when you choose to wear a the right bra with the right supportive technology. You’ll quickly discover that almost all types of bras are made with soft fabrics that’ll make them so comfortable to wear.


There will be times when you won’t be able to believe that you have a bra or bralette on because it’ll be so comfortable on your skin. It’s one of the top reasons why you should think about making the transition from wearing a metal wired bra each day to wearing a bralette or metal / plastic free wire bra.


Moisture-Wicking Technology


When you know you’re going to be sweating for one reason or another, you’ll most likely put a sports bra on. If, for example, you’re heading to the gym, wearing a sports bra to work out will be a no-brainer.


But if this summer has taught us anything, it’s that unprecedented heat waves are starting to become the norm in many parts of the country and the world. As a result, you really never know when you’re going to break out in a sweat these days. So wouldn’t it be nice to always have a bra on that’ll help you deal with it?


Most bras are made out of materials that provide moisture-wicking technology. You’ll be able to keep yourself cooler when you’re walking around.


Lack of Protruding Wires


Over the years, there have been some bras that have been manufactured without wires in them. But the vast majority of the bras on the market today contain metal or plastic underwires in them. And as you know, these underwires can make bras even more uncomfortable than they would be otherwise.


When you first buy a traditional underwire bra, the wires in it might not cause you too much trouble. But as you begin to wear this bra more frequently, it might start to poke and prod you every time you put it on.


This is yet another issue that you won’t have to be concerned about when you invest in bralettes. They won’t have underwires in them that’ll make you wish you could swear off bras forever.


At the same time, some bras like The Relief Bra from EBY (Empowered By You) will comes with a SoftWires that’ll provides all the support that underwires do without having any actual wires. It conforms to you shape versus the otherway around. They’ll offer the best of both worlds when it comes to the bralette vs bra debate.


Supportive for Every Size


In the past, the only real knock against bralettes was that they didn’t always offer up all the support that bras do. It’s been one of the only real reasons why some women have continued to choose bras over bralettes.


But bralettes have come a long way over time. As long as you buy them from a brand like EBY (Empowered By You), you should find that they’ll set you up with all the support you need no matter what size your breasts might be.


From XS bralettes all the way up to XLDD bralettes, EBY (Empowered By You) sells bra and bralette options in so many sizes. You should be able to track down the right size bralettes to give your breasts more than enough support day in and day out.


As Stylish as It Gets


Another thing that women have sometimes noticed as far as bralettes are concerned is that they haven’t always been available in a whole bunch of styles. There have traditionally been more types of bras for women to buy, which is why so many of them have chosen to purchase bras over bralettes.


But this is something else that has changed in more recent years. There are very basic types of bralettes that you can wear just for lounging around the house. There are also seamless and sheer bralettes that’ll provide you with more of a “wow!” factor when you put them on.

These days, there isn’t any shortage of bralette options for you to choose from. It helps put bralettes on par with bras in the style department as you can find bralettes you can wear for almost any occasion.


Don’t Sacrifice Discomfort With Traditional Bras


Have you hesitated to wear a bralette vs a bra in the past for whatever reason? As you’ve seen here, there isn’t any reason for you to do it anymore.

Bralettes are known to be more comfortable than bras by a mile. They’re also every bit as supportive as bras in this day and age. And when you put bralettes on, you won’t have any trouble using them to show off your unique sense of style. EBY has focused on making our Bras just as comfortable as our bralettes so you can have a more customizable fit without the poking, digging and scratching of a traditional wired bra. Browse through our bras and bralettes we have available on our site to pick out the ones you like best.