7 Tips for Styling a Sheer Bralette

Team EBY Randy

If you look at modern fashion trends, it’s clear that it’s become more acceptable to not wear a heavy and thick bra with every outfit. Going braless or wearing sheer bralettes is totally “in.” More and more people are getting more comfortable with themselves and prioritizing physical comfort.

But how do you style a sheer bralette? Can you wear it alone? What can go over it that still allows it to peek out?

We’ve got a few ideas for you to try out. Read on to learn about styling a bralette with trendy clothing.


1. With Pasties


This is the most daring option when you’re styling sheer bralettes, but it’s a lot of fun if you’re confident enough to do it. Granted, it won’t be considered appropriate for every situation, but as long as you read the room and dress for the occasion, you’ll be fine.

two models wearing red sheer bralettes by EBY

While styling a bralette as a standalone garment isn’t a new idea, it’s tougher if your bralette is incredibly sheer. Fashion trends haven’t gotten quite that daring yet.

We recommend, if you want to wear your sheer bralette as if it was a top, that you wear stylish pasties underneath. You can buy them in all different colors, shapes, and styles. You could even use electrical tape to make your own “X” shapes.

This way you’ll be able to wear the bralette out and about without exposing yourself. It’s still a risque choice, but it’s more socially acceptable.

You don’t have to wear pasties, but depending on the occasion, it may make you feel more comfortable. You can totally “free the nipple” if you choose!

A note: if you choose to wear any of these other styles, it’s still a good idea to wear pasties to avoid any “nip slips.”


2. Under a Leather Jacket


Do you love a “harder” look? Want to make a leather jacket look a bit more soft and feminine while still maintaining an edgy aesthetic?

Wear a partially-unzipped leather jacket with your bralette (and pasties, of course). The bralette will peek out under the jacket for a feminine touch. This is perfect for a brisk autumn day.

Pair it with some edgy jewelry (chunky metal jewelry, ribbon chokers, and body jewelry are all great for this) and some Doc Martens!


3. Under a Blazer


Perhaps you have a more “professional” aesthetic. That’s okay too. You can pair your sheer bralette with a stylish blazer to turn it into an outfit.

This isn’t a work-friendly outfit despite the blazer (depending on your job, of course), but it’s a great way to add some fun to an otherwise conservative article of clothing.

We recommend a long blazer for this one. you can button it part of the way or use fashion tape to hold it in place for your desired level of modesty.

Style this with elegant jewelry. Long gold chains with matching rings will look great with this outfit.


4. Under a Semi-Sheer Top


This one is tough, and it may not work for everyone. If you have a sheer to semi-sheer top, you may be able to layer it over your sheer bralette to get a cute outfit.

If you’re worried about showing too much, bring out the pasties.

You want to be able to see the shape of the bralette without showing off too much. A semi-sheer button-up can be perfect for this because you can unbutton it to show a larger peek of the bralette or keep it buttoned for a more conservative look.

You can either dress this look up or down, and the accessories will make all the difference. We love this look paired with hoop earrings and a long necklace with a large pendant.


5. Over a Tight-Fitting Top


This is the one case in which you won’t need to consider wearing pasties. You can wear your sheer bralette over a tight-fitting top.

This look was more popular in the early 2010s, but it’s coming back. The bralette won’t be giving you much support when it’s styled like this, so make sure you’re wearing another bra underneath if you need it.

the only bra by eby

A tight white or black top (either long or short-sleeved) will be best for this. We love this look with mock neck or turtleneck tops, but you can use whatever neckline you prefer.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Jewelry should be understated because the bralette will turn into the focal point of the outfit.


6. With a Flowy Skirt


Pairing a risque bralette with a flowy and feminine skirt is a great way to add more visual interest to your outfits.

We recommend skirts that are mid-length (around the calf) or full-length. You can, of course, pair your bralette with a tight mini-skirt if you choose, but we recommend only doing that if you’re covering it with a jacket or top. Alone, the outfit may look a bit unbalanced.

You can wear a plain skirt or go wild with some patterns. Be creative! Pair it with chunky boots or fun heels.


7. With High-Waisted Jeans


High-waisted jeans may not be in style anymore, but don’t get rid of yours just yet. The high amount of coverage from the jeans is perfect for balancing out the low-coverage sheer bralette.

Any color and style of jeans is fine. Use a fun belt and accessorize with flashier jewelry to make the look a bit less casual. Alternatively, keep it simple with a few plainer pieces of jewelry for a cool and effortless-looking outfit.


How Will You Style Your Sheer Bralette?


A sheer bralette might be underwear, but you can also show it off. Whether you prefer a more conservative and subdued look or you’re flashy and over-the-top, at least one of these styling options is sure to work for you.

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