10 Helpful Tips for Buying a Bra Online

Team EBY Randy

Bras are intimate, essential, and sometimes downright frustrating to shop for. Especially online. You’ve braved the poorly lit dressing rooms and pushy salespeople, so why does buying a bra online still feel like a gamble?

Imagine the thrill of finding the perfect bra online: supportive, comfortable, and makes your clothes look amazing. Now imagine the crushing disappointment of receiving a package that feels like a betrayal. There is endless scrolling, confusing size charts, and the fear of getting the wrong cup size and band.

We have essential tips to crack the code of online bra shopping to ensure you finally snag that perfect, supportive, confidence-boosting bra. Keep reading for ten tips for online bra shopping success.

1. Know Your Size

The foundation of a successful bra purchase lies in knowing your size. Before you begin your online bra shopping journey, take a moment to measure yourself accurately.

To measure your band size, start by wearing a well-fitting, non-padded bra. Place a soft measuring tape just under your bust around your ribcage. Hold the tape snug but not tight, and measure in inches.

If the measurement is an even number, that’s your band size. If it’s an odd number, round up to the nearest even number.

Next, measure your bust size by keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground and measuring around the fullest part of your bust. Then you can calculate your cup size by subtracting your band size from your bust measurement. The difference will dictate your cup size:

  • 1 inch: A cup
  • 2 inches: B cup
  • 3 inches: C cup
  • 4 inches: D cup
  • 5 inches: DD cup
  • 6 inches: DDD, F cup
  • 7 inches: G cup

By following these steps, you can confidently find bras that fit well and provide the support you need.

2. Explore Bra Reviews and Testimonials

One of the advantages of online shopping is the abundance of reviews and testimonials from other buyers. Take advantage of this wealth of information.

Look for reviews on the specific bra styles you’re interested in. Real-life experiences can provide insights into comfort, durability, and whether a particular bra runs true to size.

3. Understand Your Bra Style Preferences

Bras come in various styles – push-ups, sports, balconettes, and more.

Consider the occasions you’ll wear the bra, whether for everyday comfort or a special event. Tailoring your choices to your lifestyle ensures that you not only look fantastic but also feel confident in your selection.

By understanding and embracing your preferred styles, you empower yourself to sift through online options and narrow down your choices to those that align with your taste and needs.

4. Check the Return Policy

While we all hope for the bliss of a perfect fit, it’s crucial to acknowledge that a bra might not always meet your expectations.

Before you click that purchase button, invest a moment in thoroughly reading the online store’s return policy. Ensure they allow returns and exchanges and be aware of any associated costs. This knowledge will guard against potential disappointments and ensure your online bra shopping experience remains smooth and satisfying.

5. Look for Size Charts and Fit Guides

Every brand may have slight variations in sizing, making it crucial to delve into the specifics before making a purchase. To avoid surprises, take the time to consult the online store’s comprehensive size chart and fit guides. These invaluable resources provide detailed information to guide you in selecting the correct size based on your unique measurements.

Remember, dedicating an extra few minutes to understand sizing information can make a significant difference. This will ensure that your chosen bra fits impeccably and save you from the inconvenience of returns.

6. Choose Comfortable Fabrics

Comfort is key when it comes to bras. Online shopping means you can’t physically touch and feel the fabric, so pay close attention to material descriptions.

Opt for bras made from comfortable and breathable fabrics. Some of the most breathable fabrics include:

  • Cotton: Allows air to circulate and absorbs moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable
  • Linen: Lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for warm weather
  • Bamboo: Natural wicking properties draw moisture away from the body
  • Modal: Soft, breathable, and resistant to shrinking
  • Tencel: Environmentally friendly, breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Mesh: Highly breathable due to its open-weave structure, making it suitable for activewear and undergarments

As you shop, look for information about the fabric’s stretchability and overall feel to ensure the best fit throughout the day.

7. Embrace New Styles and Designs

In the lingerie world, styles and designs are as varied as individual preferences. While it’s understandable to have preferences, don’t shy away from exploring the array of styles and designs.

Embracing new styles broadens your options and opens the door to discovering innovative features and designs that might perfectly complement your tastes. It helps to be adventurous and try different styles and designs to find the perfect bra that fits well and adds excitement to your lingerie collection.

8. Check for Discounts and Sales

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Before finalizing your purchase, scout for discounts and ongoing sales.

Many online lingerie stores offer promotions, especially during specific seasons. Take advantage of these opportunities to grab quality bras at a fraction of the price.

9. Subscribe for Updates

Stay in the loop by subscribing to newsletters from your favorite online lingerie retailers. Subscribers often get early access to sales and exclusive discounts.

Plus, you might receive valuable information about new releases and restocks, ensuring you don’t miss out on your desired bra styles.

10. Trust Your Instincts

Finally, trust your instincts. If a particular bra catches your eye and meets all your criteria, go for it.

Online bra shopping can be a delightful experience when you follow the practical tips mentioned here. Your instincts, coupled with the knowledge gained from reviews and size charts, will guide you toward a successful purchase.

Buying a Bra Online Is Easy With EBY

Now that you’re armed with these ten helpful tips, you can embark on your adventure of buying a bra online. Finding the perfect bra may take trial and error, but the process becomes much smoother with the right information.

At Empowered By You (EBY), we prioritize quality and comfort but are also committed to making a positive impact.

Ten percent of all EBY purchases are converted into low-interest micro-loans. These micro-loans are distributed to women worldwide, helping them start or support their own businesses. When you choose EBY, you’re not just buying a bra – you’re contributing to a meaningful cause that uplifts and supports women across the globe.

As you finalize your purchase, remember that your choices can go beyond personal satisfaction. They can become a force for positive change.

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