How to Find the Best Bra for Comfort and Support

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The bra industry is expected to reach $46.5 billion by 2031 as women are investing more time and effort into being comfortable. Because finding the right bra can be a game changer for how you look and feel.

If you are wondering how to pick the best bra for you then it takes some consideration.

Start with this guide to finding a soft bra with no wires that fits you perfectly.


Know Your Bra Size

One of the best bra shopping tips is to know your size. You never want to just buy a bra without knowing your size.

Trying on bras to find your size is one option. To do this pick a certain size and see how it feels. Your nipple should be in the middle of your elbow and shoulder to offer you the right support.

Other options include either measuring your body or getting a professional to do it for you. First measure your band size by using a tape measure just under your breasts around the ribs. Make sure the tape is straight and as tight as a bra would be.

Band sizes come in even numbers and are measured in inches. So, if you measure 31 inches then try a size 32 to make sure it isn’t too tight.

Next, get your cup size by measuring your bust. Take the tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your breasts. The tape should be as loose as possible without hanging and the back of the tape has to be in line with the front.

Subtract your band size from your bust to get the size of your cup. For example, if your band was 30 inches and your bust was 32 inches then your cup is 2 inches, which means you are a B cup. The cups increase with every inch difference.


Making Sure it Fits

Some surveys and studies have suggested that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. However, even measuring your breasts correctly can lead to an improper fit. Therefore, it is essential to not just go by the size but rather the fit as well.


All bras are different so you need to find one that accommodates your body not just your measurements.

To know if your bra fits you have to know how to properly wear one. This starts with putting it on correctly.

Leave the straps hanging as you latch the back. This will tell you if the band is too tight or too loose. The bra should stay in place even without the straps.

Next, pull the straps up as you lean forward. Leaning forward again, reach inside your bra and gently raise your breasts up so that they sit in the cup.

Then, grab the center of the bra and shake it to get both breasts further into the cups. Adjust the straps so that they aren’t too tight that you feel them digging into your skin and not too loose that they fall down.

Choose Your Styles

There are many types of bras to consider, so as you try them on take note of what style fits you best and feels the most comfortable.

Many women are choosing wireless bras to avoid the discomfort associated with metal wiring. And as technology is advancing a supportive bra can now be achieved with a soft bra with no wires like EBY’s The Relief Bra.

Other style bras include a variety of materials from cotton to lace, strap options like adjustable and no latch, and designs like bralettes, sports, and t-shirt bras to name only a few.

Experiment with different styles for various occasions. And remember that your bust changes over time and during certain occasions, so if you start to feel discomfort then begin the process of refitting your bra.

Go For Comfort Over Looks

Even though underwear isn’t seen by the public, you may have a tendency to choose looks over comfort because you do this with other parts of your outfit. However, when it comes to bras, looks matter less if you want to be comfortable.

Choosing a comfortable bra means picking one that fits you over the color options or even style. Materials also matter because this is what makes a soft bra. So, while lace may look appealing, it is not something you should be wearing all day if you are uncomfortable.

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Make Adjustments to These Common Problems

Being proactive and aware of your bra choice will make picking the right one easier and faster. Take a look at these common bra problems and how to fix them.

  • Wrinkled or pointy cups mean you need a smaller cup size
  • Breasts are falling out or feel pinched means you need a larger cup size
  • Lacking support may mean the band isn’t tight enough or the band is too high on your back
  • Straps slipping off your shoulder may mean you need a smaller band size for support
  • Wires are bending means you need a larger cup size or a wireless bra

Also, assess the feel of your bra and never think that discomfort is normal. There is always a solution to your bra issues, it just takes some investigating.

Getting Your Wire Free Bra

Your first step in being more comfortable in your bra is to make the switch to a soft bra with no wires. You will notice the difference right away without sacrificing support.

Check out Eby’s The Relief Bra to find the perfect size, style, and fit for you.