The Importance of Underwear Hygiene and How Often You Should Replace Your Panties

Team EBY Randy

Women’s underwear makes up a small percentage of womenswear products at only 4%. However, it’s a vitally important part of a woman’s everyday outfit. The panties you wear and how you treat them can have a direct impact on your overall health.

Some people fail to consider underwear hygiene when it comes to their own self-care. Things like holes or ruined elastic can change how your panties fit and serve their role. After a certain point, you’ll need to retire them and buy yourself a new pair.

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Read on to learn why underwear hygiene is so important and how often you should change up your underwear.

The Importance of Underwear Hygiene

So why should you care about your underwear hygiene, and how do you take care of them?

First of all, your vagina is a sensitive area when it comes to any kind of major change in its environment. Too much moisture can cause rashes or promote fungal infections. Bacteria can get trapped and cause bacterial vaginosis, which causes discomfort and pain in your vagina.

As such, you’ll need to wear the right kinds of panties and avoid wearing them for too long. If you sweat a lot throughout the day, you may need to change them when you get home. It’s also important to avoid wearing them for more than a day at a time, maximum.

Another mistake you can make is wearing tight underwear. They can be extra problematic if they’re synthetic and aren’t breathable. Panties that are too tight can cause irritation along your skin folds and promote fungal and bacterial infections.


Underwear Cleaning Routine and Care

The first and most important thing you should know about caring for your underwear is how often you need to clean them. You should always try to change your underwear every single day. While some doctors may claim that it’s safe to wear a pair for two days in a row, it’s still a good idea to aim for a new pair every day.

If you’ve had a particularly active or sweaty day, you should also feel free to change them before you continue the rest of your afternoon. That includes if you had a large amount of vaginal discharge buildup.

At the same time, don’t rewear panties that you’ve already worn once. They’re exposed to more moisture than something like jeans, so they will have all kinds of bacterial buildup.

When it comes to washing your panties, how you do so will depend on the type and material it’s made out of.

Wash thin or transparent panties by hand to avoid damaging them in a machine. Tougher underwear made out of cotton is often safe to wash alongside your other clothes in warm water. Make sure to place them inside of a mesh laundry bag to keep them from getting tangled or stretched out.

Use a mild detergent and wash similar colors with one another. Always air dry your underwear rather than throwing it in a dryer.

Replacing Old Underwear

As well as you take care of your underwear, there’s always going to be a time to retire them. Your older panties may develop holes or stains. They might not hug your body as well as they used to if the elastic is all worn out.

A bigger threat to your genital health is the bacteria and fecal matter that clings to your panties, even after you’ve washed them. They may cause bacterial vaginosis or other similar health conditions.

The best thing you can do is regularly replace your underwear every year to stay ahead of the problem. Buying new panties is essential if you have an active lifestyle.

As for what to replace them with, it all depends on your lifestyle.

Seamless underwear is a great option if you want to hide those panty lines. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your panties slipping or rolling.

If you live in an area with warmer weather, invest in mesh fabrics with a built-in cotton lining. There are also period underwear options with leak prevention and full coverage.

Stay Fresh All Year Long

Good underwear hygiene is just as important as keeping your teeth clean or eating healthy foods. Behavior like wearing the same underwear multiple times or using the wrong detergents can wear them out faster and reduce how effectively they function.

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