Woman in matching green seamless bra and underwear set with white text across the belly reading, “signature seamless”

Life is uncomfortable and hard enough on its own. Let’s be sure your underwear isn’t. 

EBY Seamless Underwear makes decision-making, curating outfits for special occasions, and even completing chores around the house a little easier.

How? We’ll show you. Explore the power of the best seamless women’s underwear at EBY. 

The Best Seamless Underwear for Women

Sometimes, people claim that various clothing pieces are wardrobe essentials when they’re not. Seamless underwear is an actual essential. In fact, there’s nothing more essential to your wardrobe than effortless underwear.

You wear this essential every day, no matter the weather or time. You wear it when you pick up your favorite snack from Trader Joe’s and when you’re vacuuming at home. Your underwear makes you feel like your most confident and best self for date night at your favorite rooftop restaurant. Your underwear is even there for you when you get your heart broken and lounge on the couch watching Virgin River with your hand in the popcorn bowl.

Seamless underwear’s role is to support you (and your breasts and bum) every step of the way in this journey of life. Just as you put thought and effort into choosing a supportive life partner, choosing the best seamless underwear takes thought and effort, too. 

EBY easily provides the best seamless women’s underwear because: 

No-Slip Grip Technology 

Woman showing the elasticity of EBY seamless underwear while wearing the nude seamless pantiesThere’s nothing worse than spending hours creating a perfect outfit for a fun night out, only for the look to be ruined by underwear that won’t stay in place. No one wants to get caught adjusting their underwear under their skirts and dresses. Yet, we’ve all done it because we didn’t know what was available to us.

With EBY seamless underwear, falling and rolling down are things of the past. No more riding up, slipping up and down, and chafing. Leave behind bulky bands and add immovable tummy control to your drawer. Like a steadfast and immovable bestie, EBY seamless underwear is here to stay.

Breathable Fabrics

Woman lying on white carpet wearing a matching blue sheer mesh bralette and panty setStay cool and dry for ultimate comfort with our first-of-its-kind mesh fabric and built-in cotton lining. The word “moist” makes some women’s skin crawl. Why? Likely, because the word triggers memories of being uncomfortably sticky and itchy down under from a poor and unsupportive pair of underwear.

The Seamless Sheer bras and panties collection combines sexy styles and lightweight mesh fabric for absolute comfort, creating the effortless and seamless feel every woman dreams of. 


No Ridges, Frills, or Panty Lines

Woman posing in a nude top and tight leather pants with invisible panty linesDon’t want to see those lines through your activewear when you’re putting in hours at the gym? An EBY thong is a subtle second skin that molds to the curves of your bum. With a matching cotton bralette, you’ll be ready to take on the weight of the gym and the day. It’s understated underwear that doesn’t draw major attention to you (unless you want them to). We also carry sexy statement seamless underwear sets that make heads turn. But, if you’re looking for the invisible, no-lines, no-bunching, everyday neutrals, you’ll find the best seamless underwear set here at EBY.


Believe Women—EBY Seamless Underwear Reviews

Laurynel Rivas talking a selfie in the mirror wearing EBY seamless underwearYou don’t merely have to take our word for it. In fact, you shouldn’t! There’s a lot of noise out there claiming to be the best seamless underwear for women. So, believe the women wearing the underwear. With over 10,000 five-star reviews, here’s what our EBY ladies are saying: 

Shanna J. says: 

“Love feeling sexy without feeling my undies! I’ve had 6 kids and, of course, have struggled on and off with body confidence! When I took control of myself completely and got back on track I realized I wanted some underwear to make me feel comfortable and sexy! The EBY line has done just that! I’ve always HATED buying underwear and now I look forward to my box coming! Thank you for making such a great line and making it so we don’t have to go into a department store ever again to buy sub-par undies!”


It’s More than Underwear; It’s Women’s Empowerment

With EBY Seamless Underwear, you get all the benefits the best seamless women’s underwear has to offer. While you’re empowering yourself with a seamless everyday look, you’re empowering other women in the process too.


EBY provides 10% of proceeds to empower women out of poverty and into business. Your purchase of the best seamless underwear gives these women a hand-up, not a handout. 

EBY does this by providing micro-loans for women around the world to start their own businesses. This act enables women to contribute to their communities and break the cycle of poverty for their families.

Shop EBY Seamless Underwear 

 Purple thong, black briefs, and high-waisted patterned underwear layered on each other with a woman posing in the high-waisted patterned print and white button-up.

Live life a little more seamlessly with EBY Seamless Underwear. Women make hard choices every day. This choice is as easy and seamless as they come.

Browse briefs, thongs, or high-waisted panties in neutrals or bold patterns and find that perfect seamless bralette that doesn’t dig, pinch, or bunch. Simplify your wardrobe with what’s essential—underwear that empowers you to live your life seamlessly.