A woman wearing two different sets of ivory and green washable silk pajamas

What if you could wear luxurious, sustainable silk pajamas at home, at the office, and everywhere else? With Washable Eco-Silk, that dream is now a reality. 

At EBY, our goal is always to create eco-friendly women’s clothing, and our Washable Eco-Silk is exactly that. Washable Eco-Silk combines all the comforts of silk while reducing our harm and waste on the earth.

Are you wondering how it’s all possible? Here are just some of the ways sustainable silk pajamas are better than cotton or even regular silk pajamas.

Washable Eco-Silk Is Eco-Friendly

A woman wearing ethical silk pajamas with her hand in her pocket

Our new line of Washable Eco-Silk is eco-friendly; it’s right in the name!

People traditionally make silk from silkworms by boiling or baking their cocoons to separate the silk fibers. This process is unethical and kills approximately 3,000 silkworms to make a mere pound of silk. That means 420 billion to 1 trillion silkworms are killed each year in the silk-making process.

Our ethical silk pajamas kill zero silkworms.

We don’t touch a single silkworm in our manufacturing process. Instead, we looked at the waste we already have on our earth and learned how to turn it around. Rather than adding to that waste, we help reduce it by creating our silk out of recycled plastic bottles, making them 100% eco-friendly! You can wear our silk and feel good about it while still feeling luxurious.

No More Dry Cleaning

Now that you know EBY’s line is ethical, you might be wondering, “How do you wash silk pajamas?

Usually, silk gets easily ruined and has to be dry cleaned or carefully hand-washed to maintain its signature softness and color. Some silk and its dye are completely ruined if it gets wet at all. 

But our Washable Eco-Silk isn’t your average silk. To bring even more comfort and convenience to your life, we’ve prioritized making our eco-friendly silk as low-maintenance as possible. It’s simple: Just throw it in the wash! Thanks to our machine-washable silk, looking fashionable has never been easier.

Not Just For Work

A woman wearing the best silk pajamas while fanning herself in front of a historic building outside

As we re-enter the workforce after two years of working from home, it’s hard to bring back the stiff business casual attire from the depths of our closets. You know the type—the clothes you can’t wait to fling off in exchange for frumpy pajamas once you’re home. 

Washable Eco-Silk is here to save the day. 

Our silk blouses and tanks work as stylish pajamas to lounge in, yes, but they are also a much more comfortable alternative to the starchy, ironed button-up shirts that used to be so commonplace. Pair a silk top with a blazer and tapered pants to be work appropriate while still enjoying that lounging-on-the-couch feel. We don’t believe in the phrase “beauty is pain.” With Washable Eco-Silk, there’s no need to compromise your look for your comfort.

Work isn’t the only place our women’s silk pajamas are appropriate. Our elevated loungewear pieces allow you to go from the couch to a shopping spree or a Sunday brunch with friends. Anywhere you go, you can be sure to feel comfortable doing so!

Silky Separates Collection

A woman twirling while wearing sustainable silk pajamas

Our Washable Eco-Silk line features mix-and-match pieces and colors to work with your unique, personal style. Our pieces include silk pajama shorts, tanks, blouses, scarves, and silk dresses. You can find these in the calming, earthy tones of cactus, castle wall, and brush. With this variety, you can create your own trendy looks and dress up or down without sacrificing comfort. 

Our Washable Eco-Silk will be your go-to attire for elevated comfort in your home, in the office, and everywhere in between. You can feel good about reducing environmental waste while enjoying the low-maintenance luxury you deserve.