Woman wearing a pink seamless bra and pink seamless underwear sitting outside

Your body is a beautiful, blank canvas. The first thing you put on it is the foundation of your entire look for the day. No pressure! When it comes to such an important piece of everyday clothing, investing in the very best seamless underwear available is worth it. 

But, when every brand promises the best, how do you filter the best from the rest? 

Let’s compare and contrast the unique elements of our seamless underwear to other styles and let you decide. 

Traditional Brands vs. EBY’s Innovation 

Traditionally, underwear options were limited to bras and panties, which, of course, we still love and provide. But our new underwear options are the future! Our seamless fabric has a non-slip grip and wireless lift. You’ll never need to adjust your underwear. It will move with you and for you and support you seamlessly.

Model showing the elasticity of her EBY seamless underwear.

Some brands feature thin cami straps that don’t give proper support. EBY’s thick straps provide appropriate support up top and full coverage down below. Plus, the scoop neck makes this the most versatile underwear! In comparison with other bodysuits that sport a higher crew neckline that would reveal undershirts and tops, you can layer the EBY low neckline under your clothes like underwear, or you can wear it as a sexy top just tucked into a pair of jeans or sweats. 

Sustainable Comfort You Can Count On  

A great pair of seamless underwear will lay flat on your skin and won’t dig, bulge, or pinch. Many seamless underwear brands shout from the rooftops how comfortable they are. 

But beware…

Not all materials are made equal. Pay close attention to whether or not your current underwear is a part of the fast fashion industry. The fast fashion industry promises comfort and style, but just a few short weeks later, your underwear might unravel and disappoint. Additionally, fast fashion is usually linked to unethical labor.

At EBY, you don’t have to worry about sweatshops. If you want a high-quality and ethical pair of the best seamless underwear, EBY uses top-tier nylon, spandex, and cotton lining and recently launched eco-friendly washable silk!

Great for You, the Environment, and the World

Did you know that the average person in the US throws away 81 pounds of clothes every year? That’s the equivalent of the weight of a baby rhino! Factor in the global textile waste, and the crisis becomes even more notable.

EBY sees that. Instead of trying to make quick profits through unchecked sweatshops and fast fashion, we’ve recently launched eco-friendly washable silk made of 100% recycled materials. Now, your favorite seamless slip is good for the environment and, dare we say, the world! 

EBY puts 10% of proceeds from all purchases into micro-loans for women around the world. These loans help women start their own businesses and lift their families out of poverty. Your underwear makes a difference on a global scale. 

Woman sitting on a rock wall wearing a green eco silk slip dress

Say Your Goodbyes to VPL (Visible Panty Lines)! 

No one likes lines, whether it’s hours of waiting for your favorite ride at Disneyland or lines showing through your favorite pair of leggings.

A woman wearing the best seamless panties and matching nude braA lot of beautiful underwear with bows, frills, and lace have their time and place to shine. Yet, that type of underwear isn’t really meant to be worn under any clothes — not when your underwear’s going into the trenches and tackling all the day’s obstacles with you. The best seamless panties are the besties that will have your back, breasts, and bottom all day, every day.

At EBY, we carry the best seamless panties and best seamless thongs with no stitching. They’re undetectable under the clingiest of outfits, and they’re comfortable. Say your goodbyes to VPL (visible panty lines)!


Why Shop EBY: The Only Choice for the Best Seamless Underwear for Women 

From sustainable and seamless comfort to the highest-quality bodysuits, EBY is easily the best seamless underwear you can find. While other brands focus solely on pocketing your cash, every single pair of EBY panties also empowers other women.


10% of all proceeds from buying the best seamless panties you’ll ever own go toward funding women worldwide to support their own businesses. By choosing EBY, you’re choosing to help women lift their families and communities out of poverty. This isn’t your average pair of seamless underwear. When we say we’re the best, we mean it. And that’s the EBY difference.