What’s my age again?


There’s a very important tool when it comes to practicing confidence, and it’s really simple: Stay cheerful. That doesn’t mean present an image of perfection, or paste a smile on your face when you’re crying on the inside. It means that keeping a positive outlook on life is a choice––one that will improve the way you see the world, those around you, and yes, yourself. In this installment on how to kick ass with confidence, let’s touch on the delicate topic of confidence as we age. 


So often we believe the narrative that “we’re too old” to have what we want, that “it’s too late” to change, to learn, to break out of a mold. But this, ladies, is nonsense propaganda invented (probably by a man, no offense) to keep women small. It’s a false idea designed to create barriers, to shrink ambition, and to discourage––physically, emotionally, and intellectually. But why deny the inevitable? Instead, embrace it. Own it. Be empowered by it. 


While we can’t march out our front doors this very instant and change how the world works, there are small actions we can take to shift the narrative and elevate our confidence as we pass through each decade.



Age in reverse. We’re not talking mystical fountains of youth. We mean get in touch with the creative, headstrong ambitions of your childhood, and take them with you as you grow older. We love what trainer Natalie Jill says about tapping into our inner-child: “When we were kids, we believed we could do and become anything. Time didn’t matter, we were truly present. We didn’t care or know what others thought about us! We lost that along the years.”



Overcome self-imposed stops. In our last email we talked about taking control of the narrative. That comes in handy here, too. Step outside of your comfort zone. (It’s really scary, we know!) But it’s essential to achieving new goals, and to shifting the perspective that growing older means the beginning of the end. Why not make the second half of your life better than the first half? We sure know a lot more than we did back then. Don’t hide behind a number and behind false ideas about who gets to live their best lives. You do, too. So go get ‘em.



Remember that this is a process, and that we are not islands! Community and connection are two of the best ways to age in reverse. Find your people, the ones who hold you accountable, allow you to be vulnerable, and lift you up when you’re down. Chances are, they’ll even inspire your positive outlook on life. Sounds like a good way to live if you ask us.


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