Attitude changes everything

Move through the clutter

In our first installment on Confidence, we talked about having faith in our abilities and how journaling can empower us as we move through the clutter that causes our insecurities. There are a multitude of actions we can take to set ourselves up for success when we’re growing into our confidence. A magic fairy doesn’t sprinkle us with confidence dust, and no amount of inspirational Instagram quotes are going to fix us. We have to do the work, and that work is all about attitude. We’ve all faced negativity or criticism––over work, our relationships, our appearance, something––almost daily. That’s life. The difference lies in how we use criticism and negativity as a learning experience.

Write your happy ending

Use past experiences to empower your future. Maybe your lack of confidence comes from a storied past. Maybe you’ve been abiding by a narrative you didn’t choose. Guess what? You control the narrative. You get to edit the story. Just because something has always been that way, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way, and it certainly doesn’t have to define you. Changing your story empowers you to create a new tale––one in which you can be confident.

Listen to your heart

Pay attention to yourself. When are you excited, inspired, and motivated? Who are you with? What are you doing? On the flip side, when do you feel bored or closed off? What elements in your life are making you feel insecure? Who or what is draining you? If it doesn’t serve you, leave it behind. If you’ve been faced with negativity or criticism, how will you use it to be a better you? These are the ways you can start to let the baggage fall away, crafting a new narrative for a new you. 

Know yourself

You’ve heard the saying, “You can do anything you put your mind, too.” Some cliches exist for a reason. You can make anything come to fruition, but sometimes that means slowing down to speed up. We are addicted to being busy. It’s an easy way for us to avoid our true feelings, therefore ignoring the work. By slowing down, we are forced to confront the bad stuff and work through it (not around it!), but ultimately, this will help make us more focused and in tune with what we want and need, leading to a happier, more confident version of ourselves––someone we’ve really taken the time to get to know. 

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