At EBY, we’re all about being an access to power through that essential little thing called undies. But being an access to power also includes women supporting women by encouraging them to be the most kickass versions of themselves.

In our TK Title Series, we’re empowering women by unpacking a topic of interest and serving up a tip that can embolden them to live their biggest, most impactful lives. Knowledge is power, after all.



We’ll start by addressing the elephant in the new year: INSECURITY. Guess what? We’re all insecure––your mom friend who juggles her gorgeous children, loving marriage, pristine home, and high-pressure job with apparent ease; high-rolling supermodels; the Instagram influencer that posts beautifully manicured shots of herself doing a board-straight headstand in Kauai. Yeah, they’re insecure, too. We’re all are, about something.

So if you’re thinking to yourself, “If only people knew the real me, they wouldn’t like me,” then get in line, girl. Imposter syndrome is about as common as a New York City Starbucks. 



Recognize that when your mind is being flooded with negative, toxic thoughts, you are powerless to create positive change. It’s like ingesting your own Kryptonite. It will suck the energy––and eventually the life––out of you, and make it extremely difficult to succeed. A positive attitude is essential in the fight to overcome doubt.

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