Step into your power

I see you ____ and you’ve got nothing on me.

In our Power Series, we’re empowering women by unpacking a topic of interest and serving up a tip that can embolden women to live their biggest, most impactful lives. Knowledge is power, after all.

Last week we tackled that pervasive feeling all of us experience at some point, if not daily: Insecurity. Insecurity normally comes from three sources: Recent failure or rejection, lack of confidence due to social anxiety, an obsessive desire for perfection. Sound familiar?

Embrace Doubt As Part of Being Human — then Challenge It

Don’t beat yourself up for beating yourself up. Instead, recognize doubt as something we all deal. We’re all human. But we believe you’re superhuman. So Doubt Your Doubts. What if you played Devil’s Advocate with yourself? 

What if, when you didn’t believe you were capable enough, good enough, strong enough, you flipped the script. Don’t forget: You are in control of your thoughts. You hold the power to change your own perception. While you can’t permanently silence doubt, you can dilute its power by giving it a name and stepping outside of it. 

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