12 Ways to Deal With Boob Sweat

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Sweat — we all do it. It’s the body’s natural way of releasing toxins and cooling down, and it occurs all over. Though we all appreciate the importance of sweat, it’s hard to not get frustrated by the uncontrollable act sometimes. It can be uncomfortable, irritating, or just downright embarrassing, especially when we get sweat stains underneath our breasts. Boob sweat is a common topic of discussion amongst women, particularly women with larger breasts, and yet, no one seems to have all the answers. Until now, that is! If you’ve been searching high and low for how to properly stop boob sweat for good, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading on for more information.

How to Deal With Boob Sweat

There has to be a better way to deal with breast sweat besides just letting it happen. And there is! No more feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in our own bodies, ladies! Even the days of redness and inflammation brought upon by irritation can be a thing of the past. Below is a list of all the ways to deal with boob sweat. Feel free to experiment with each method until you’ve found the system that works best for you!

Choose Non-Padded Cotton or Mesh Bras

Most bras are typically made with unbreathable synthetic materials like polyester and rayon. These materials trap heat and prevent sweat from evaporating, therefore causing sweat to build up underneath your breasts. It’s important to minimize the accumulation of sweat as much as possible not only for aesthetic purposes but to decrease your boob sweat smell and risk of skin infections, as well. Cotton bras can help with this, as cotton is a naturally breathable fabric and makes it so that your perspiration won’t cling to your body all day. If this is a method you’re interested in trying, consider making the switch with our EBY Cotton Bralette collection, available online here! The removable padding and wireless design are ideal for preventing sweat, and the seamless design will make you forget you’re even wearing a bra! Check out this article to know more about Bralettes.

Mesh bras are also a great way to fight against sweaty boobs, even though mesh is a synthetic material. Mesh is the rare synthetic fabric that not only has the same breathability as cotton but actually dries faster than cotton, too. To get the best sweat-free results with the right bra, it’s best to go pad-less. Padding adds an extra layer of synthetic fabric that will only make you hotter, and make it harder for your sweat to evaporate.

Go For Sports Bras or Sweat or Moisture Wicking Bras

When it comes to dealing with boob sweat, there’s no use in trying to reinvent the wheel. Sports bras are made to properly eradicate perspiration, so when in doubt, pull the sports bra out! Similar to sports bras, bras that are made with moisture wicking fabric are also designed to absorb sweat and/or wick away excess moisture, so sensitive skin

Opt For Loose Fitting, Flowy Clothes

Opting for a loose-fitting top or dress is a simple solution to eliminating underboob sweat because it creates less friction than a form-fitting outfit, but it’s not a solution we can rely on for the rest of our lives. If you’re out running errands or taking your dog for a walk, however, an easy way to reduce boob sweat-related stress is to keep things loose, airy, and flowy so you can stay sweat-stain free, and save the real solutions for later.

Invest in a Bra Liner

If you’ve never heard of a bra liner, you’re not the only one. Bra liners are basically sweatbands for your boobs–they absorb all underboob perspiration and prevent any sweat from staining your clothes. Bra liners are one size fits all, and are held in place by a real bra. Bra liners were invented to replace the old panty liner trick, so if that’s how you’ve been coping all these years, maybe now is the time to step up your boob sweat game for good!

Deodorant, Deodorant, Deodorant!

If deodorant is made to prevent perspiration under your arms, then what’s the harm in applying it under your boobs, too? Some women find this method more effective than others, and we all have deodorant around the house — might as well give it a shot.

Try Moroccan Argan Oil

As if we didn’t love Moroccan argan oil already, it’s been recorded that using the oil underneath your breasts can reduce boob sweat and minimize irritation. The antioxidants and fatty acids in Moroccan argan oil are meant to reduce redness, repair skin damage, and hydrate skin, so the next time you buy a bottle for your hair, you should probably buy an extra for your underboob area, too!

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Use Anti-Chafing Gel, Powder, or Cream

Anti-chafing products are best when they list corn starch as the main ingredient. Corn starch-based products help absorb moisture and reduce friction in chafing-prone areas like underneath the breasts.

Talc Powder or Baby Powder

Baby powder is famous for preventing rashes, and in this case, it is just as effective under a woman’s boobs as it is in a baby’s diaper. This is a great trick for anyone who has developed intertrigo (a kind of dermatitis that forms underneath skin folds) from irritations caused by boob sweat before.

Apply Aluminum Free Antiperspirant 

As mentioned above, deodorant is an unexpected yet effective fighter against boob sweat. Although there is lacking evidence, some scientists suggest this component is linked to breast cancer. So, for ultimate safety, try an aluminum-free or paraben-free antiperspirant and witness the magic for yourself! ! Just be careful and stick only to aluminum-free deodorants.

Try Boob Lotions

Companies are finally embracing the struggle of underboob sweat and creating lotions and powders to help combat it. Boob lotions are a great product to fight boob sweat glands because they were literally made for this.

Carry Body Wipes

Though they won’t keep you from sweating through your shirt, using body wipes on your underboob area will help prevent rashes or irritations that may be brought on by the mixture of sweat and bacteria.

Go Braless

When eliminating a problem, it’s always best to go directly to the source. If the added fabric of a bra is the reason why your boob sweat is uncontrollable, then ditch the bra altogether! It’s never a bad idea to let your assets breathe every once in a while, and with the help of some nipple pasties, you won’t have to worry about an unfortunate nip slip ever again!


Boob sweat is a fact of life that all women are forced to deal with, whether we suffer from excessive sweating or not. Managing underboob sweat is not an exact science — those with large breasts definitely have much more trouble with it than others — which is why it’s important to test around and choose the tactic that works best for you and your boobs.