What Is A Bralette? Style, Fit & Everything You Need to Know

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Sometimes it feels like we all just woke up one morning and the word “bralette” was just a part of the cultural conversation all of a sudden. It probably feels this way because bras as an undergarment have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, so to start addressing them by a new name with no warning could have been understandably jarring for some. But let’s get one thing straight: all bralettes are bras, but not all bras are bralettes. There are several subtle differences that make up the distinction between bras and bralettes, like breast support, comfort, and even how they can be worn. These differences are the reasons behind the immediate rise of the bralette, as women and girls everywhere are opting for function without having to sacrifice fashion.

What Is a Bralette?

As mentioned above, bras and bralettes are not one and the same. The key selling point of a bralette is the padding-free and wire-free design that offer maximum comfort, flexibility, and stretch for the customer. EBY uses our unique, one-of-a-kind seamless technology on all of our bralettes, so if you’re looking for the most comfort possible, click here.

As if comfort weren’t enticing enough, the bralette is also a great amalgamation of a crop top and bra, so there’s no need to continue spending money on going out tops and strapless bras or pasties to pull them off. Because bralettes tend to provide more coverage than an underwire bra and are known to feature intricate detail work, the lines between crop tops and bras have become permanently blurred for the better.

The bralette is also incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to use as a layering piece. Showing your bra straps is no longer considered to be inappropriate, improper, or unbecoming, now that the bralette has become the centerpiece of dozens of different outfits. Bralettes are often put on display under a low-cut top or dress, an unbuttoned shirt, a sheer or mesh top, or can even be worn over an old t-shirt to steal the show completely. Given the versatility of the garment, it’s no wonder that the bralette is the bra on everyone’s brain!

Difference Between a Bralette and a Bra

The differences between bralettes and bras are more than just personal preference. The key difference is that bralettes are much more multi-purposeful than bras, especially when it comes to the ways in which they can be worn. The bralette has become a popular overgarment to pair with everything from a crisp work shirt, to an old tee seeking a second life. Bralettes can even serve as a top all on their own, while bras are strictly seen as an undergarment.

Structurally, the two undergarments could not be more different, either. Cotton bralettes have virtually no structure and are lined rather than padded. Taking the awkward removable pads and cup shape out of the equation means that bralettes offer a considerably more natural shape than a regular unstructured bra, which adds to the garment’s comfort in the process.

Unlike normal bras, bralettes do not rely on the use of spaghetti straps, which means you never have to deal with the intolerable digging, scratching, and readjusting that comes with a bra when you wear a bralette. And the best part is, when you wear bralettes, you won’t ever have to surrender your support, no matter your cup size. So if your unstructured bra has been slowing you down, it’s time to make a switch to the bralette, where you’ll never have to worry about comfort again.

Finally, bralettes are consistently less expensive than traditional bras, due to their lack of wires and thick cups. Funnily enough, it’s their lack of wires and cups that not only make them cheap but make bralettes last longer, too.

Benefits of Wearing a Bralette Over a Bra

There are several benefits to choosing a fresh, new bralette over an old, uncomfortable bra for both your going-out looks and your everyday use. From versatility to accessibility, comfortability to affordability, the bralette is the better choice all across the board.

Comfortable and Trendy

Bralettes are extremely fashionable, on-trend, and come in varying designs and styles with unique patterns and fabrics you might not find on a bra. Some popular bralette styles include strappy, caged, crochet, high neck, ribbed, cross backed, keyhole, halter, sports bra, bandeau, and seamless, just to name a few. Bralettes can be made with pretty lace details or sheer material for a sexier, even higher quality look as well. Regular bras, on the other hand, typically follow the usual design of two cups with uncomfortable underwire and padding, adjustable stretchy straps that dig into your shoulder, and multiple clasps in the back.

It Can be An Overgarment – Not Just Underwear

The lightweight nature of the bralette makes it so that it can be worn not just as an undergarment, but as an overgarment as well. In particular, pairing a bralette with a button-down has become very popular; this sleek and sexy combination knows how to perfectly tow the line of coverage and scandal.

Compatible With a Range of Different Outfits

Because the bralette comes in a range of different styles, it makes sense that it can be worn with a range of different outfits. Bralettes are an unmatched mix of comfortable and trendy, which is a luxury you don’t see very often in fashion. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you choose to style your bralette: under blazers and jackets, overwork shirts and t-shirts, and under sheer tops, to name a few. And with a range of different styles to choose from — lace styles, triangle styles, sporty styles, etc. — bralettes look amazing when paired with everything from casual, to business, to loungewear and beyond, so it’s no surprise that the bralette has quickly become one of the most important basics in every woman’s underwear drawer.

Health Benefits of Wearing a Bralette

Believe it or not, when you wear a bralette, you might just be saving your life in the long term. Girls of all cup sizes have been known to experience discomfort while wearing a bra, that can only be resolved by the relief of taking it off at the end of the day. Shockingly enough, the persistent breast pain that comes with regular bra usage has been linked to the development of breast cancer on more than one occasion. The bralette is a much less constrictive undergarment than other bras, which means they reduce the amount of persistent pain one might encounter when wearing a srapless bra, and therefore reduce the risk of developing breast cancer down the line.

Stylish and Affordable

Bralettes are the economically sound choice as well, given that their versatility makes it so they can be worn in a variety of different ways, there’s no risk of breaking the underwire in the wash, and because bralettes can be worn as tops all on their own, there’s no need to break the bank on the perfect going out ensemble anymore. Plus, there are many bralette styles that are made with long-lasting fabrics such as cotton and nylon, so you can rest assured you’re actually getting your money’s worth when you purchase a bralette over a bra.

Cater to Different Sized Breasts – Large Breasts Can Rest

Another added benefit to the bralette is its accessibility. Bralettes tend not to use adjusters or clasps if they are not conducive to design, comfort, or both. There are many bralette styles that opt for thicker, more supportive shoulder straps over the flimsy spaghetti straps we’ve grown so accustomed to on a regular bra. With these types of bralettes, there is never a need to adjust the straps because the bra is already made to fit like a second skin. Furthermore, because the straps are not as restrictive on bralettes as they are on bras, they are also able to cater to a wider range of breast sizes than the average comfortable bra. This makes bralettes much more accessible than other bras, and therefore should be every woman’s go-to staple.

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Bralette FAQ’s

It may seem intimidating to make the transition from bra to the bralette, considering bras were the only option for so long. Having reservations or questions is expected, so we’re here to squash any myths or misconceptions you may have to make the switch that much easier.

Do Bralettes Cause Saggy Boobs?

No need to panic-cancel your EBY Seamless Bralette order just yet, because the rumor that bralettes are linked to saggy breasts is exactly that: a rumor. A lack of underwire or minimal padding does not correlate with sagging breasts – sagging is a perfectly natural phenomenon that is brought on by factors such as aging, gravity, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, lack of breast skin elasticity, and more. Plus, the bralette does not lack support by any means. For most girls, sagging is just an inevitable part of being a woman, so there’s no need to blame your bra choice on something that happens to us all.

Can a Bralette Offer Support?

When it comes to shopping for a comfortable bra, the most important thing to a woman is: support, support, support. It’s understandable to think that a bralette might not offer enough support for bigger breast size, considering they have less supportive elements such as a wire. But don’t worry, because larger bralette sizes have figured out how to incorporate the support you need with none of the uncomfortable elements you don’t. Supportive non-wired bras with wide shoulder straps, a wide band across the bottom, and additional seaming are just as effective a wired bras, so don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover.


So to all the women who have spent years refraining from Googling “what is a bralette” out of fear of seeming out of touch: we hope you have a much stronger understanding of why the bralette gained so much popularity so quickly. Regardless of your cup size or style preferences, wearing a bralette will always make for a comfortable, on-trend choice without breaking the bank or sacrificing support. The EBY Seamless Bralette is like no other bralette, thanks to our unmatched seamless technology, an unbeatable cup size range, removable soft cups, and cooling mesh back. That’s not something you see at Victoria’s Secret every day!

Girls just wanna have fun, including your boobs. So show yourself some self-love, put down the bra, wear a bralette, and break your boobs free for good!