The 9 Best Fabrics For Underwear To Use

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Most of the time, we just pick a generic option when choosing new underwear, but did you know that the fabric your underwear is made from can actually have a massive effect on your vaginal health.

Every fabric used to make underwear has different pros and cons. Some fabrics are great for everyday underwear and some are better for those sweaty and strenuous workouts. Knowing which is which can be really beneficial to your vaginal health and help keep irritation and infections at bay!

At EBY, we believe underwear should be both comfortable and empowering. We want your underwear to make a statement and make you feel great. With seamless, breathable, and comfortable underwear options, we’ve got you covered for underwear that maintains good vaginal health.

While cotton panties have consistently been recommended as the best kind of underwear you can wear, you’d be surprised to find they’re not the best underwear to workout in! Learning which underwear materials are best for which activities is quick and simple with our neat little guide to underwear material choices!

From breathable fabrics to synthetic materials, check out our guide on the best fabric for your underwear and learn when to choose your nylon underwear and when your cotton underwear would be better.

How Underwear Can Affect Vaginal Health

The fabrics you find in your underwear drawer can have a huge impact on your vaginal health if you’re not picking the right option for each activity. The best fabric for everyday wear must be breathable, allowing movement of air and absorption of moisture.

Many underwear fabric options can lead to dark and moist environments where yeast and bacteria thrive, leaving you susceptible to infections and irritation. Women’s underwear comes in a huge variety of fabrics and each has different benefits for vaginal health.

Generally, cotton is considered a great everyday option, while synthetic material-based, moisture-wicking underwear is the perfect fabric for the underwear you work out in.

Best Fabric For Underwear

There are a huge number of fabric options when it comes to our underwear and it can be quite overwhelming, so we’ve broken it down for you! With both natural and synthetic fiber options, there are a number of really great underwear material options.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are the recommended fabric option when it comes to underwear. As breathable and gentle fabrics, natural fibers have a lot of benefits as a fabric for underwear.


Considered the best fabric there is for underwear, cotton is a standout in the section of the natural fiber. A breathable, durable, and easy-to-care-for fabric, cotton makes for an underwear material we can all get behind. Cotton is the best fabric for underwear if you have sensitive skin and it has a long lifespan, able to withstand many washes.

While cotton underwear is a great everyday option though, it is not particularly suitable for working out. Though breathable, it is not a moisture-wicking fabric. Cotton underwear is not as elastic as some synthetic fabrics, meaning for the elastic parts of underwear (like the elastic band), it must be mixed with synthetics to make cotton blends.


Beautiful, delicate, and perfect for romantic occasions, silk underwear requires delicate handling and can be rather expensive, but it is a fantastic option for good vaginal health. As a hypoallergenic fabric with anti-mold qualities, silk underwear can keep infections and irritation at bay.


Not usually used in underwear products, wool is a delicate and high-maintenance fabric, needing to be washed at low temperatures for a long time. Wool absorbs sweat well, indeed, it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture!


As a breathable and sturdy fabric, linen makes for fantastic clothing fabric. As an underwear material, linen is inelastic and shrinks easily so is not entirely suitable. It is a more eco-friendly option though!


Bamboo panties seem to be everywhere these days and for good reason. As a highly-breathable, lightweight fabric, bamboo makes for breathable and comfortable underwear. It is a fabulously sustainable fabric too, though it does use lots of chemicals in processing.

Some concerns have been raised as to the chemical residue left on the underwear and how this could impact your body, but it is a hypoallergenic fabric.

Synthetic Fibers

Quite often warned against as choices for underwear, synthetic fabrics actually have some really great qualities, so don’t go throwing away all of your synthetic panties yet!


Nylon underwear is fast-drying, comfortable, and does not shrink, making it a durable choice to add to your underwear draw. In addition, nylon underwear is moisture-wicking, making it perfect for sweaty workout sessions.

Nylon is a good choice for those with sensitive skin and can relieve any irritation caused by other underwear styles. Nylon is also an affordable option.


Popular for shaping underwear, Spandex is a plastic-based fabric. Spandex underwear is great for smooth lines in slim-fitting clothing, however, it’s not a great choice as an everyday option. As a relatively un-breathable fabric, the continual wearing of Spandex can lead to infections and regular washing causes Spandex underwear to lose its shape quickly.


As a fabric that is essentially made up of holes, mesh underwear is breathable and light, and a great choice for a barely-there feel. It does require gentle washing and may not be suitable for every day.


Another moisture-wicking synthetic fiber, polyester makes great workout underwear! Polyester underwear is comfortable, durable, and designed for movement. For the perfect workout panties, choose polyester!

Other Underwear Fabric Information

Though many underwear fabrics are durable and can withstand lots of washing, underwear should still be replaced regularly. In addition, it is recommended that you change your underwear at least once a day, if not more often!

Best Fabric For Underwear - EBY

Moisture-Wicking Fabric Recommended For Exercise

As discussed, moisture-wicking underwear is the best choice for workout underwear. The best underwear for when you exercise is well-fitting, nylon or polyester panties that can easily absorb extra moisture!

Use Hypoallergenic Soap For Washing

Washing your underwear should be done with care, and with hypoallergenic soaps to ensure that no harmful chemicals are sitting against your skin all day. You should also tumble dry underwear after washing to ensure that they are fully dried.

EBY Underwear Range

The EBY underwear range is suited to a range of activities, and offers well-fitting and empowering underwear.

Seamless Panties

Our seamless panties offer breathability, comfort, and durability, perfect for everyday wear and ensuring good vaginal health. With a 100% fit guarantee, our panties are suitable for whatever you’re doing each day!

100% Pure Cotton Lining

With a 100% cotton lining, the EBY range ensures good vaginal health, offering absorbency and protecting against irritation and infections. Our 100% cotton underwear is durable and made from natural and gentle fibers for good health and comfort.

No Silicone, No Panty Lines

In addition to comfortable and breathable fabrics, we also ensure our line is silicone-free and will not give you a visible panty line! Our underwear is perfect for smooth lines, fighting the visible panty line, and protecting against chafing and irritation.


Women’s underwear comes in a range of versatile fabrics, suitable for different activities. Cotton is usually recommended for your everyday option, but for working out, you’re best choosing nylon or polyester underwear for their moisture-wicking properties.

The EBY underwear line offers good quality, comfortable and durable underwear that protects against irritation, chafing, infection, and the dreaded visible panty line.