Become a more confident you

Take the Reigns

We hope that over the last few weeks, you’ve been able to practice confidence with some of these (power) tools. But there’s one last thing to talk about, and it’s not always easy (or fun, TBH). Part of being confident is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. And if you’ve been dragging your feet on peeling back all those onion layers, then chop chop! There’s never been a better time than now. Recognizing areas in which we excel and those where we could stand to improve is an important exercise in humility and getting to know ourselves. (You can’t have the good without the bad.) Remember that whole knowledge is power talk we had a few weeks ago? But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. 

Study up

Find a Confidence Role Model. Someone you see regularly, like a colleague, family member, or friend, and somebody with the kind of self-confidence you’d like to mirror. This falls in line with the idea that we should surround ourselves with people who are, in some way, excelling in areas we are not (which helps us recognize our weaknesses!). Observe your Confidence Role Model. Notice how they behave when they are being confident. How do they move and speak? How do they behave when faced with a problem or mistake? How do they interact with other people, and how do others react to them? Ask them what makes them tick. Learn from them, and let their confidence rub off on you.

Lead the pack

Become a role-model for somebody less confident. Don’t “pssshaw”––yes you can! Sometimes we learn the most about ourselves by teaching others. Think about how you’ve sought to learn from someone more daring, more confident, more bold than you, and do that for someone else. We don’t believe what’s possible until we see someone else do it. 

Confidence, here we come

Hiding behind excuses will never fix our problems. You know the saying, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”? Yeah, well. It’s true. By getting to know your strengths and weaknesses, surrounding yourself with positive role models, and getting out of your comfort zone, you can not only improve your own self-image, but you can also help other women decide what they want, and help them declare it. Next up: World Domination!

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