The war against worry

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO


For the last few weeks we’ve talked about confidence and how to channel your very own Sasha Fierce. So now let me upgrade ya (wink wink). Since you have already been putting those confidence Power Tips into action, you are prepped and ready for battle AKA the war against worry. 

Everyone worries about something, right? Paying the bills, making the right career decisions, finding “the one” — there’s a wide spectrum of reasons to worry. Many people worry because they are making decisions before they have enough facts to base a decision on — instead of concentrating on getting the facts. Without the facts, we can only stew around in confusion, and some would say this is the main cause of worry.

Who wants to worry about worry? Again, WE DO NOT HAVE TIME. So we’re here to give you some tips on how to analyze and solve worry problems before they get out of control. 


Let’s equip ourselves to deal with the different kinds of worry. 

But, how do I do that? 

Great Question! 

Thank you! Can you show me now?

Okay Okay, here we go…

  1. Collect the unbiased facts
  2. Analyze the facts
  3. Arrive on a decision AND act on that decision


Devote your time to securing facts in an objective partial way. This will help evaporate worry in the light of knowledge. Meaning, when you distract yourself with investigation, you tend to forget about the anxiety surrounding the issue. Okay, but let’s be real — usually we hunt for the facts that justify our current thinking and ignore anything else — even if it’s staring us in the face.

Now I’m going to say something that sounds very obvious, but we all need to hear it: Keep your emotions out of decision making that is giving you anxiety. Focus on the facts, remember?

This is not easy, because when we worry our emotions are riding high, even more so than normal.


You know when you tell your friend to do something and then she does the EXACT opposite? Like guuuurrrrllll, I just gave you some fire advice, why didn’t you listen? (And then they have the AUDACITY to complain to you) smh. Let’s step outside our situation and pretend this problem is not our own, but our friend’s. Collect the facts like you would for your best friend. Oh and you know you become an expert investigator when your friend needs help on Instagram or Facebook stalking (let’s call it what it is) someone. Or think of the time you had to convince your friend to break up with someone who wasn’t right for her — you got the facts that went against her story and maybe even your initial thoughts on the person. 

Get all sides of the story and look at the facts objectively — try bringing in a friend to help you. Then write down the facts – this will help clear your head of all the thoughts flying around. Let’s not practice the terrible saying, “do as I say, not as I do” — we all hated when our parents played that card.

Lastly, and most importantly, act on your decision. When you write it down, actually do it. Write out how you will do it and action on it. Otherwise you will just think about all your other options and never really do anything about it, and that is where uncertainty and anxiety lie. You are born fierce and raised resilient! So go kick-ass and don’t let anxiety get in the way.


Worry turns our hair grey, ruins our complexion, wrinkles our skin, and causes heart disease — wow okay now we have even more to worry about. JK JK! If you use the tips on breaking the worry habit practically, you’ll be able to keep peace within yourself and live a more productive and impactful life. Remember, most of us are stronger than we realize – now let’s go slay!

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