These are the best undies for summer

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

What is the best underwear for the summer?

Summer is the gift that keeps on giving. All the free time, tans and trouble you can manage, on repeat. We want to glow and mesmerize the world like the sun itself, our tan lines and toned bodies a proud mark of our adventures. To run at the beach, chase our kids through the parks, drink sunset wine with our girlfriends, we need to feel our best, we need to be our best. Taking care of our bodies is the only way to enjoy summers for what it can offer. We wear sunscreen to protect our skins, we drink water, we wear sun hats, but what do we do to protect our intimate areas? Summer is also a time to take that extra step. 

So yes, summer is the gift that keeps on giving. All the sun, sweat and swelter it can manage as it wanes on.

The more moisture and heat in the air, the more vulnerable our vaginas are.

Let’s start thinking about her. We are putting her at risk for urinary tract infections, bacteria, even fungus. The moisture that builds up when we just sit poolside in our wet bikinis or we just finished working out and our outfit can just so seamlessly switch from active wear to casual wear (did i just describe athleisure?) is the root enemy to our otherwise happy vaginas. Moisture is good for the head on your hair and for the skin on your body, but for this particular netherland, it’s going to be the reason you feel itchy and uncomfortable your entire girls trip.

You want to feel free. You want to be free. The only way is to take care of your body so you’re absolutely free to own this summer and claim it in your name. 

The unfortunate truth is that our intimate areas sweat more during the summer months, blame the pubes and sweat glands if you need to. To counteract this imbalance, we must, and I mean MUST, find ways to keep the area dry and breathing. Experts always suggest cotton underwear, or cotton lined underwear like EBYs, because it is one of the most breathable fabrics. Give her room to be herself. Give her room to be the best version of herself she can be. Also, let’s make sure we are wearing clothes that fit. EBY comes in all sizes from XS to 4X so you will never have to squeeze into a tight, uncomfortable, restrictive piece.  When your vulva and vagina breathe, they have a better chance against discomfort like irritation, burning, itching, and abnormal discharge. Yes, we had to go there. This goes for your underwear, yes, but also those second skin Lululemon leggings you love so much. This goes for those suffocating tights you wear even though there’s a tiny hole in the crotch. Even those biker shorts you just ordered off Amazon, already so excited about the outfit you imagined they would go with (I suggest oversized graphic tee adorned with a band you’ve never really listened to.

Credit: FreePeople

Of course we can’t expect you to wear loose cotton all the time. Our bikinis can’t be helped. Our spandex can’t be helped. In those cases, you need to change out of them as soon as you can. Once you get the seaweed off your feet and step off the beach, once you finish that last set on the squatmaster (is that even a machine, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the gym, not covid related even), change into your cotton lined EBYs or go commando, whatever floats your boat. Remember: the drier the desert, the brighter the sun. Marinating in that moisture will only lead to an exciting array of feminine issues like the dreaded, but inevitable, yeast infection.

Credit: MindBodyGreen

And yes, go commando. Maybe not on dates, unless you don’t anticipate a Marilyn Monroe sewer grate recreation ever in your life (and that is definitely naive, might I add. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there.) Not wearing underwear to bed regulates your body’s temperature, lets her breathe, and reduces your stress. So get comfortable and start getting naked before bed (if your living situation allows it, of course). 

Credit: Hello Wholefoods

EBY’s breathable, cotton underwear can only get you so far. There are vitamins and probiotics that can help you the rest of the way in this self love journey. To help balance the good and bacteria that exists in all of our vaginas, a probiotic can come in a pill as a supplement to your daily diet (RePhresh being a budget friendly and Oby-recommended brand). Lactobacillus is the primary bacteria that you’re trying to get rich in because it regulates the pH balance, helping you avoid unwanted company, the annoying UTI’s that make peeing the last thing you want to do, the vaginosis itch (™), or even our familiar friend, the yeast infection. Supplements with this good bacteria can also help you stay smelling fresh, for this commando dates you’re probably contemplating now.

Be ready to receive all the gifts summer has left to offer. Be free, make trouble but be kind to your body. Comfort and health are as sexy as ever, especially in these trying times. Let your body feel free, so the rest of your summer can follow suit. 

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