Women-Led, Black-Owned Businesses We’re Loving Right Now

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Women-Led, Black-Owned Businesses We’re Loving Right Now


Our money is our voice. Our purchases are our power. Where we choose to spend both says a lot about who we are and our perception of the world. Are we aware of our surroundings? Are we empathetic? Are we cultured? Are we critical of the systems that do not serve us? Do we let a dystopian reality define us or are we going to assert our ideas of a more perfect world? A world brimming with joy and justice. Full of community and languages of love. Supporting businesses founded and led by women, particularly black women, is a true act of allyship and empowerment. We are saying that we will not turn a blind eye to the glaring inequality we face as only four of the current Fortune 500 CEOs are Black, none of which are women. We are saying that we will not be complacent as black women earn only 61 cents for every dollar earned by white men, amounting to $23,653 less in total earnings over the year. We are saying that enough is enough, we are here and we are ready to put our money where our mouth is. 


Investing in black businesses is more than just giving them capital power, more than just strengthening local Black economies. You’re shifting the axis of systemic inequality, even by the smallest degree. You’re helping to shrink the racial wealth gap, create jobs for black people, hold large companies accountable for the lack of diversity in their boards. And finally, you’re supporting safe spaces. Black businesses are hubs for creatives, entrepreneurs and local residents where they can network, seek out resources and programs and meet like-minded people driving for growth and strength against the discrimination felt almost everywhere else. You are helping build community and through that, you are deepening your own gratitude, service and empathy for the people around you. 


Here are some businesses we love, from beauty to fashion to self care, there’s more than enough options. 



YAM is a black owned jewelry store that totes Lizzo as one of their patrons. “Yam was conceived when my mom brought home a jewelry making book when I was young. An activity that unknowingly implanted an idea for a company later recognizing her legacy. Yam is an ode to my late mother, upcycled materials and new nostalgia. Handmade in Astoria, New York.” 

Pat McGrath Labs

Beauty lovers everywhere adore and pay homage to “Mother,” aka Pat McGrath, a self-made billionaire and veteran beauty visionary. After developing a love for makeup from her mom at just seven years old, McGrath has gone on to work with Giorgio Armani, CoverGirl, and Max Factor, regularly leading over 60 shows each Fashion Week season, and paving the way for Euphoria makeup. 

But she’s arguably most known for her namesake, show-stopping brand, Pat McGrath Labs. Her line has some of the most stunning packaging ever created and every swipe of lipstick, eye shadow, and highlighter is basically a guarantee for an iconic look. Besides the star product below, McGrath has also picked up Best of Beauty awards for Skin Fetish Highlighter and Balm Duo and Lust MatteTrance Lipstick in Elson, a perfect blue-based red.


Founder and CEO Briogeo Nancy Twine transformed her grandmother’s homemade haircare recipes into a celeb-favorite line. Created for all hair types and every hair ailment, Briogeo’s clean products feature a slew of antioxidants and vitamins that leave you with stronger, healthier hair. While Twine’s products are amazing, her accomplishments are major too: she’s the youngest black woman to launch a haircare line at Sephora.

Nyakio Beauty

Proving that prestige skin-care doesn’t need to be pricey, nyakio Beauty’s indulgent products sell out on both Goop and Target.com. Founder Nyakio Grieco, who wanted to bring her Kenyan family recipes, global ingredients, and the sophistication of Africa to the mainstream, created an award-winning line that has been leading the clean beauty movement since 2002. The brand’s hero product is the Maracuja & Yangu Rescue Oil, which soothes dry, stressed-out skin. 

The Honey Pot Company

After struggling with bacterial vaginosis for months, founder Bea Dixon turned to herbs and natural remedies from her ancestors for relief. Realizing that other women needed access to similar products, she developed a line that’s free of chemicals, artificial fragrances, and other ingredients that are rampant in most feminine-care products. Now, Dixon carries a robust lineup of cleansers, wipes, tampons, and herbal pads at Target. Through it all, she’s also revolutionizing the way we talk about vaginal care — starting with actually saying the word ‘vagina,’ and taking away shame and stigma by sharing intimate issues openly (starting with her own).

We know what’s underneath matters to you. At our core, we are a women’s empowerment company that stands for strong values and principles. Ten percent of every order of our comfortable, body-celebrating seamless underwear, bralettes, shapewear, and masks fund Microfinance loans for female entrepreneurs around the world. That’s also why all seamless products on our site are made at manufacturing plants under the Women’s Empowerment Principles developed by the United Nations. That means your panties are made ethically: no sweatshops, and no fast fashion. Learn more about our mission and our products.