10 Eco-Friendly Options On What To Do With Old Underwear

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

As the fashion industry slowly moves towards more eco-friendly options, conscious shoppers are starting to really consider the effects of fast fashion and its waste on the environment.

This shift to sustainable living can start with your underwear. Torn or old underwear doesn’t have to be put in the trash. If your underwear is old but unused, it can be donated to charities should they be happy to accept it. If donating is not an option, there are other ways to up-cycle or repurpose the material to help make the planet cleaner.

At EBY, we have been thinking of fun ideas that can turn what you once thought was “trash” into recycled treasure! We value sustainability, and that is why our seamless panties are made with ethical manufacturing to reduce the harm of fast fashion.

With a wide, inclusive range of underwear, including briefs, thongs, bikinis, high-waisted, and cheeky underwear, our customers not only support slow fashion but also the businesses of impoverished women around the world.

What To Do With Old Underwear

Here are our top 10 eco-friendly tips on what you should do with your old underwear:

Use It As Compost

Compost feeds the helpful microorganisms in the soil to produce more nutrients for plants. While not all panties are compost friendly due to synthetic materials, any old clothing or free pair made out of 100% cotton (or other natural materials) are! Remember to remove the elastic strap along the hem first to safely add your old undies to your compost heap.

If your panties aren’t biodegradable, then don’t worry! There is still a range of options, including upcycling, that benefit the environment just as much as recycling underwear.


Recycle your undergarments by donating them to thrift stores or charity organizations. While some may not accept used panties, there are plenty of bra recyclers available online and in stores! It’s also a great idea to check in with your local homeless shelters to see if they need any donations.

If you cannot find a place to recycle your panties, try textile recycling. This is when you donate underwear fabric waste rather than the clothing itself. You’ll need to cut up the washed panties in order to do this.

Cleaning Rags

Use the material of your old underwear as a cleaning wash rag! After giving them a run in the washing machine, pop the dry underwear into your cleaning draw.

To use, simply spray some cleaning disinfectant and wipe down any dirty surface. Once the underwear is truly dirty beyond repair, then you can throw it away. This lets you reuse the old panties.

Pet Toys (Dog Toy)

Old clothes in general can make excellent sustainable dog toys that will bring you hours of fun. To make this, simply plait and tie garments together for a classic tug of war style toy.

Pillow Filling

If you have a pillow or a stuffed animal that is looking a bit worse for wear, consider re-stuffing it using some old underwear. This is a great idea if you’re trying to be zero waste box as it repurposes any used or old clothing items into a useful resource. Make sure to wash the underwear first before you stuff any pillows or toys.

What to Do With Old Underwear - EBY

Small Sachets

Use your worn underwear to cut out large fabric scraps. These scraps can be recycled to make small scented sachets that sit in your wardrobe or underwear drawer. Fill the sachets with dried aromatic flowers, such as lavender, to keep your clothes smelling fresh.


Make your own duster out of your used underwear! This may seem like a challenge at first, but it’s actually incredibly straightforward to make. These makeshift dusters will easily be able to reach those tricky spots where dust collects.

All you need is to cut out some strips of material from your old undies, and then attach them to a plastic or wooden stick using a rubber band. We recommend using a wooden spoon as there is more room to secure the fabric.

Hair Ties

Scrap fabric from old underwear can be turned into fashionable hairbands and scrunchies with a little help from a sewing machine!


Is your old underwear full of beautiful designs and patterns? Fashionable underwear can be hard to get rid of, even when it’s on its last legs.

To make room in your underwear drawer, try transforming your old undies into a cool handkerchief. This way, not only do you get to keep the pretty fabric design, but you can also get something functional out of it!

You can also do this with any old socks or other worn clothing pieces.

Plant Holders

As plants grow, they often require thin pieces of string to attach them to a stick. This ensures that the plants grow healthily and keeps them supported during the initial phases of growth. Old thongs will be perfect to tie on your plants in place of the string – just be mindful of your neighbors!


With EBY, you can be assured that you’re supporting environmentally conscious, slow fashion while still enjoying the uniquely soft and seamless appeal of our underwear. From our seamless non-slip nylon to our breathable cotton briefs, we are committed to using sustainable materials without compromising on comfort.

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