Best No Show Underwear For Leggings

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Leggings are an extremely versatile item of clothing, offering great stretch for exercise and comfort for loungewear. As such, they have become a staple of women’s clothing due to their convenience for everyday wear.

Despite the ease of wearing leggings, understanding the best underwear to pair underneath is a whole other ball game. With pesky panty lines, panties that slide down, and uncomfortable chafing, wearing the wrong type of underwear can cause an array of embarrassing moments.

There is plenty of debate surrounding whether you should even wear panties when rocking a pair of leggings!

Fortunately, there is another option: no-show underwear. This is underwear that is completely seamless and fits like a second skin. As a result, you can optimize your comfort and confidence levels, all the while avoiding the embarrassment of visible panty lines.

In this blog post, we cover the best types of no-show underwear for leggings, from their material to fit, and explain exactly when you should wear them!

Do You Need to Wear Underwear With Leggings?

Whether you actually need panties to wear leggings is a large debate, with many women experiencing problems of chafing, pain, and discomfort when they do.

Another large issue within this is the panty line. Leggings and yoga pants are often worn in public to run errands or exercise in. In this case, a visible panty line can draw unwanted attention and be difficult to adjust. Therefore, some women choose to go commando instead for a seamless look.

The medical response to this is varied. In terms of gynecology, there is concern about developing bacterial and yeast infections due to sweat. When wearing panties, this sweat is often absorbed quickly depending on the material. As your leggings don’t cushion your private areas as panties do, the rate of sweat absorption is a lot slower.

If you do choose to go underwear-free, look for leggings that are made out of an antibacterial fabric or sweat-wicking materials. This is especially important if you wear your leggings as workout pants, as vigorous workouts will increase the risk of infection.

For those who opt for underwear, there’s a wide range of no-show panties that are great for wearing with leggings!

Best No Show Underwear for Leggings

So, what should you wear under leggings?

As previously mentioned, there are several types of underwear that will suit being worn with leggings, maximizing comfort and preventing panty lines. From thongs to hipsters, the key to a great pair of panties for leggings revolves around a seamless construction.

EBY offers a wide selection of seamless, ultra-comfy panties in a range of styles and fits, with inclusive sizing for every body type.

Underwear For Leggings - EBY

Here are our top no-show recommendations:


Thong Panties already offer minimal coverage over the buttock area due to their flirty design, which prevents visible panty lines. Thongs are also naturally tight-fitting, enabling them to seamlessly blend into leggings and yoga pants.

Neutral tones will be almost undetectable when you wear leggings! We recommend matching the thong color as close to the leggings as possible to help conceal them even more. For example, when wearing black leggings, wear a classic black thong underneath.

High Waisted Panties Or Boy Shorts

High Waisted Panties and boy shorts provide a full-coverage design that will easily blend into your leggings for a smooth appearance.

With a similar design to high-waisted panties, boy shorts mirror the look of boxers but are tighter for support and security. For those who feel best with full coverage panties, boy shorts will solve the tricky issue of panty lines.

Boy shorts cut off just below the buttock area, near the upper thigh. As the seam finishes below the rear, there is no obvious panty line! With the shadow from your bum, boy shorts create somewhat of an optical illusion that completely disguises the seam. This solves the problem of visible panty lines without compromising your comfort!


Bikini Underwear provides premium support and comfort. This seamless underwear style is great for invisible coverage that offers ongoing support. With a slightly higher side cut than briefs, the bikini style is a flattering alternative to traditional underwear.

When shopping with EBY, you can access beautiful bikini designs from a sleek tiger print to a sophisticated nude.

High Waisted Thongs

High Waisted Thongs ensure invisibility from every angle with their seamless design. With the benefits of minimal coverage on the buttock area and the high waist positioning, you can achieve a smooth silhouette when worn underneath leggings.

At EBY, our high-waisted thongs are uniquely made with a no-slip nylon grip so that your underwear can stretch with the movements of your body without riding up or slipping down. Breathable thong underwear also provide less restriction. As a result, our seamless high-waisted thongs make great workout underwear!


For those who value comfort and practicality, hipsters are the style for you! Hipsters offer a bit more coverage than the bikini style but still less than high-waisted panties. They sit lower on your hips for a less constricted feeling, which can be relieving if your leggings are already on the tighter side.

Factors to Consider: Underwear for Leggings

There are specific factors to consider when it comes to choosing underwear for leggings, such as underwear style and material!

These directly impact your level of comfort, and how they look and feel can influence your self-confidence. Therefore, it’s important that you pay these factors close attention when choosing your next legging-friendly pair of underwear.

Underwear Style

The style of underwear is fundamental to your comfort levels. With EBY, you can stick to your favorite underwear style due to the flat seams, so you don’t have to suddenly switch to an unfamiliar fit!

To find your perfect pair, consider whether you prefer a low or high rise around the waist. A high waistline will offer extra security during workouts, while a low waistline will feel freer. Next, think about how much coverage you want over your bum. This will help to determine the best underwear style for your body.

Panty Material

The material you should get depends on what you will be doing! For those who will be using their leggings for exercise, you will need to look out for workout underwear made from breathable fabric.

Cotton and other types of moisture-wicking fabric are great options for breathability, as they absorb moisture quickly, preventing sweat from accumulating.

While lace is beautiful, we do not recommend wearing pretty lace panties underneath leggings if you want to avoid chafing. The texture can disturb this sensitive skin and, when partnered with a pair of tight leggings, can cause discomfort.

Always choose high-quality fabric when buying underwear for comfy panties that feel soft against your skin.

Visibility and Comfort

Always observe how visible your underwear looks underneath clothes, whether this is through panty lines or the dreaded camel toe. Understanding which style suits your body best will not only boost your confidence but provide comfort and security too.

Underwear for Workout Leggings

While wearing underwear under leggings for a good workout is ultimately down to personal preference, truthfully, wearing the right underwear should not cause you any problems.

If you experience chafing, discomfort, or visible panty lines when wearing both panties and leggings, this is a sign you should change the type of underwear you’re wearing.


When it comes to leggings and panties, invisible underwear is the answer! EBY’s seamless underwear produces a super smooth finish that is almost undetectable under a form-fitting outfit. For a stylish yet comfortable pair of undies, check out EBY’s collection today!