The Ultimate Bodysuit Sizing Guide

Renata Black

Woman with arms up wearing the best bodysuit with built-in bra in cheetah print

Imagine a comfortable, form-fitting top that never untucks—or shapewear that highlights and accentuates your natural curves. A bodysuit is that magical one-piece in your closet that does all of the above. Bodysuits can function as slimming shirts, tank tops, or even lingerie.

But, what do bodysuits look good with? And how are bodysuits supposed to fit? 

Review our Ultimate Bodysuit Sizing Guide to choose the best bodysuit for your body.

How Are Bodysuits Supposed to Fit?

The ideal bodysuit should fit like the perfect husband; it hugs you in all the right places without feeling restrictive and uncomfortable. When looking for the right bodysuit fit, check for these two major things: length and stretch.

  1. Length: When we buy clothes, we cross our fingers for a perfect fit, but in the days of online shopping, sometimes a bodysuit is too long or a bodysuit is too small. When a bodysuit is too long, it can be incredibly unflattering. You’ll notice bulging and bunching with overly long bodysuits, and while the baggy look can be trendy at times, the bodysuit isn’t one of those times.

On the other hand, if the bodysuit is too small, it can squeeze and pinch your skin. Ouch! You’ll also experience fabric riding up uncomfortable places. Nothing is worse than making adjustments down there when you’re giving a business presentation at work or meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time. Avoid awkward adjusting with EBY no-slip grip bodysuits and find the right length for you.

2. Stretch: Have you ever seen someone wearing a pair of leggings and the fabric is stretched so thin you can see their underwear through the fabric? Typically that’s not intentional; it’s just a poor fit. A bodysuit that fits properly isn’t sheer and stretched out in places. While you want the fabric to contour and blend with your body, see-through fabric probably means you need to size up. When the fabric isn’t stretching out and laying properly, you’ll see folds and creases in the bodysuit. This means the bodysuit is too big and you’ll need a smaller size.

Shopping for the right size and length is crucial. That’s why an EBY bodysuit is such a unique purchase. To ensure the right fit, we provide a detailed style guide with exact measurements.

Why Don’t Bodysuits Fit Me?

Female model posing forward facing in a teal bodysuit

Sometimes, finding bodysuits for tall women and bodysuits for short women is difficult because of the bodysuit’s design. It’s not a one-size-fits-all item. If you have a longer or shorter torso, you may experience some of the problems we mentioned earlier with length. The solution lies in the fabric. Look for bodysuits with the right stretch that will be more forgiving for your body type. Luckily, at EBY, if you’re not 100% happy with the fit, our passionate team of Fit Experts will match you with exactly the right bodysuit size for your body and will send you the perfect fit.

Are Bodysuits Supposed to Be Tight?

Bodysuits are definitely meant to be snug and form-fitting but never too tight and suffocating. A bodysuit is essentially a fitted blouse with crotch snaps that ensures a smoothing and slimming look. The sleek and smooth tucked-in effect is one of the biggest benefits bodysuits offer. Gone are the days of constant re-tucking or going under your skirt to pull down on your blouse. A bodysuit that fits properly will be tight enough to give that slimming look but not so tight that you’re spilling out of the seams. With EBY’s built-in bralette, you’ll never have to worry about extra bumps and rolls from your bra underneath your bodysuit. That’s what makes EBY the best bodysuit with a built-in bra.

What Do Bodysuits Look Good With?

Bodysuits pair nicely with all types of pieces. It’s one of the most versatile articles of clothing in a gal’s closet. If you’re unfamiliar with how to style a bodysuit, here are our top three ways:

1. Layer It Up

A woman wearing an EBY bodysuit with pants and a bag slung over her shoulder outside.

Layering is a perfect transition into a slim-fit bodysuit. Maybe you’re not comfortable with the snug-as-a-bug look just yet.

Wear your bodysuit under:

  • Strapless summer dresses
  • Long-sleeved button-down dress shirts
  • Jackets (leather, denim, blazers, etc.)
  • Overalls and jumpsuits

You can think of your bodysuit as an undergarment substitute, or it can replace your go-to tank top while it’s in the laundry. Warning: You might love it so much that you toss the tanks and other undergarments aside for good…

2. Denim Jean’s Best Friend

The bodysuit was practically made for denim jeans. From light, dark, and medium washes to white or black jeans, the bodysuit looks good with all. Some of the trendiest jean styles this year include wide-leg jeans and raw-hem jeans. Both styles play well with the silhouette of the bodysuit. Loop a belt through and you have yourself a fully chic outfit.

High-waisted jeans plus a bodysuit is another timeless pair. Depending on how high the cut of the bodysuit is, high-waisted jeans ensure no extra skin peeking through the sides. It’s also the perfect balance and contrast to the tightness of the bodysuit.

3. Make It Athleisure

A woman in an EBY bodysuit wearing shorts and a hat outside.It’s no secret that the work-from-home era has changed the fashion game for all of us. Athleisure, or athletic leisure wear, has become one of the most popular trends to date. If you thought denim jeans were as casual as it gets, guess again. Pairing a bodysuit with a pair of joggers and sneakers is the ultimate lounge-at-home fit. Lucky for us, loungewear and athleisure aren’t merely for Netflix-ing on the couch.

Headed to your 8 a.m. biology class but don’t have time to dress all the way up? Quickly grab your bodysuit, yoga pants, and favorite pair of athletic shoes, and you’re good to go. Need to grab a quick Starbucks down the street? Your bodysuit pairs nicely with bold-color gym shorts, slip-on slides, and a casual baseball cap.

EBY Bodysuits for Every Body

Whether you’re dressing up for a fancy dinner in the city or DoorDash-ing your favorite fast food at home, a good bodysuit will support you through it all. No matter where you’re going, EBY (Empowered by You) bodysuits are truly for every body— that includes bodysuits for plus-size women!

Our bodysuits are comfortable and versatile and complement every figure, tall or short, thin or curvy. When browsing for a new bodysuit, choose a body-inclusive brand; choose EBY. Start here and embrace your natural shape and curve with your first bodysuit or add a different color/pattern to your bodysuit lineup.