A white woman posing in a blue bralette setWarm weather is here and it’s time for the battle of the summer undergarments: bralettes versus sports bras. When both of these choices are so airy and breathable, it’s no wonder that bralettes and sports bras are top picks during the heat of the season.

But, is a bralette a sports bra? Technically, no.

Think of a bralette as the best of both worlds between a sports bra and a traditional bra. That’s why a bralette will truly be the star of your summer closet.


What is a Bralette?

Unlike a sports bra, a bralette is usually constructed without extra padding or elastic straps. It’s a perfect summer undergarment because of its lightweight nature. A bralette is built for movement and flexibility, whereas traditional bras focus on keeping everything strapped in place through rigid and sturdy materials. Just because a bralette is built differently, though, doesn’t mean it can’t be supportive too.

Here are some elements to look for in a great non-wired bra: 

  • Wide shoulder straps
  • A wide band across the bottom
  • Additional seaming

Most bralettes generally have obnoxious seams. What sets EBY apart is the fact that ours don’t have seams. No wire digging into your back and no fuss with snaps or clasps? Yes, please. The EBY Bralette is practically a second skin.

What Makes a Good Bralette?

Comfort: There’s a common misconception that bralette sets are strictly sexy, lacy pieces for moments behind closed doors. But, bralette sets aren’t always sheer (although, we do love a good bralette set like that now and then!).

While a lacy bralette can surely dress up your dinner-date outfits, bralette sets can play it casual and comfy in cotton or mesh too! Without probing wires, difficult clasps, and minimal-to-no padding, cotton bralettes lay comfortably flat under your clothes while still giving adequate support. Sheer bralettes made with mesh fabric can be extra comfortable, keeping you cool and dry for low-impact workout activities like gardening or hiking. This comfort makes a bralette the perfect choice for natural, all-day wear.

Versatility: In comparison to your average bra or sports bra, bralettes are the most versatile of the bunch, making them a staple in your underwear drawer – especially when they’re the only one of the three that can be worn as an overgarment! Whether you’re running a quick errand at Target, going to a business brunch in the city, or doing some lounging with Netflix at home, a bralette is a prime choice for both function and fashion.

Bigger Breast Babes: There’s a bralette for everybody, including a bralette for plus-size ladies. No pinching from an underwire and thicker, supportive straps give women with larger breasts a comfortable bra (finally). A bralette keeps every body type in mind and will never break its promise of comfort, style, and support.

Browse Bralettes at EBY

Chest of a woman wearing a black cotton bralette

EBY (Empowered By You) is a great place to start if you’re thinking about making the switch from your current bra or sports bra. Our unique no-slip technology keeps everything in place where it should be.

Ordering something as important as a bralette online may feel like a gamble. We believe so strongly in our product that if you’re not 100% happy with the fit of your purchase, our team of Fit Experts will match you with the exact right size and style for your body and will send you the perfect fit. That means no buyer’s remorse because your first return/exchange on an order is on us!

So, whether you’re looking for that second-skin comfort or a fun print to pop through your workout tanks, EBY has a bralette for any shape, size, and summertime event!