The Truth About Going Braless and Sagging

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Iconic and beloved country singer and humanitarian Dolly Parton once said “If I see something sagging, dragging and bagging, I’ll get it nipped, tucked, sucked, and plucked.” Dolly, of course, is famous for embracing all the innovations of the cosmetic industry to enhance her body without making any excuses or apologies. While we all love darling Dolly, there is something to be said for avoiding at least the “sagging” part when it comes to our boobs, if possible. Speaking of this topic, you are likely to have an opinion on the correlation between wearing a bra, and boob sagging.

Does Bra Wear Cause or Prevent Sagging?

Some people assume wearing a bra causes sagging, others feel not wearing one does, and still others feel wearing a bra that doesn’t fit right will lead to the dreaded conundrum of saggy breasts. So, I am going to outline the truth behind the matter once and for all and settle the debate as to what actually causes sagging breasts. With this information, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that you are doing everything you can to support your breasts and prevent as much sagging as possible.

What Causes Sagging Breasts?

Before looking deeper at the role wearing a bra (or not wearing one) plays in breast sagging, it’s helpful to look at some scientific explanations of the occurrence. Sagging breasts even have a scientific name, breast ptosis. Most of what cause breasts to sag include age, decreased elasticity in the skin, and smoking. Other significant changes in breast size experienced, like those after weight loss or a pregnancy, can also result in sagging breasts. Therefore, at least in terms of what you can and cannot do to prevent sagging, there is little you can actually do outside of altering lifestyle habits that have been shown to increase breast sagging, like smoking. Here are a few factors that have proven to corollate with breast sagging:

  • Gravity
  • A breakdown of the mammary glands
  • Menopause or getting older
  • A reduction in the overall skin’s elasticity
  • Weakened breast ligaments, a condition called Cooper’s ligament
  • Enlarged breasts, also called macromastia. Women with smaller breasts tend to have fewer issues with sagging.
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking

Myths of Sagging Breasts

Many published studies have found that breast size and overall age have the most impact on the sagginess of breasts (along with the factors outlined above). However, that doesn’t stop myths from spreading, tying it to all sorts of activities and even bra wear. The following are a few of the most applicable myths about sagging breasts, or those that are frequently believed by women:

Myth: Breastfeeding Causes Sagginess: While it’s true that pregnancy can change the breasts, there are no studies that prove it has an impact on the breasts’ overall sagginess.

Myth: Exercise Contributes to Sagginess: Again, this simply hasn’t been proven. While having your breasts unsupported during intense workouts can affect the skin around your breasts, causing it to strain, exercise, in general, will not cause sagginess.

Myth: Wearing or Not Wearing a Bra: Now on to our primary myth, the one that pertains to bra wearing or lack thereof. While wearing the right sized bra will help you in a variety of ways, from improving back and neck pain to relieving shoulder pressure, wearing one will not cause sagginess, nor will you not wearing one.

The Reality of Sagginess: It’s Not About Your Bra

Unfortunately, there are no known cures for breast sagginess, at least in terms of wearing a certain bra or using a specific cream. These fixes simply don’t work. In reality, your breast tissue will change as you age, which will influence your breast tissue’s overall structure, density, and volume. In addition, after around the age of 45, or when menopause begins, your body will make less estrogen than it did previously. This causes breasts to lose mammary glands, tissue, and fat, all of which can contribute to a saggy appearance. Therefore, it has nothing to do with wearing or not wearing a bra.

What Can You Do to Improve Sagginess?

The only real way to treat saggy breasts is through a breast lift, which is a cosmetic surgery with its own risks and potential complications. Therefore, the best idea to address the issue is to find some supportive bras that will hold them in place when you are out and about. Also, know that if you want to go braless for some time or would prefer bras that are more “comfortable” than restrictive, that’s okay too. You aren’t doing any damage to your breasts by letting them go free, nor are you injuring them with structure, padding, or other elements of a bra.

We Don’t Know Enough

In reality, the studies that answer the question does not wearing a bra cause sagging and that look at the correlation between breast sagginess and bra wear or lack of wear are not nearly comprehensive enough to make a good decision about the benefits or risks of wearing bras. However, there is a great deal of proof that other factors play into breast sagginess much more profoundly than bra wearing, so you are safe to feel free to make your own choice about the style of bra along with whether you want to wear one or not. There is no need to fear you are causing damage either way.

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