The Best Seamless Underwear Of 2022: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Pair

Renata Black, EBY Co-Founder & CEO

Form-fitting clothes can show off your figure in all the right ways and help you feel more body confident. But, there is always the issue of the dreaded panty line. Panty lines can make women feel uncomfortable showing their bodies in their favorite skin-tight dress or yoga leggings.

Most women solve this problem by doing away with the underwear and going commando or opting for a thong. If this isn’t for you, then there’s another option you can try – seamless panties!

Read on to learn about how you can choose the right pair of seamless panties for your comfort and style. Your underwear shopping will be more accessible, and seamless panties could become your new go-to option when choosing the perfect pair of panties.

How To Choose The Best Seamless Underwear in 2022

More than 50% of women find their underwear uncomfortable, with 30% of women stating this is due to wedgies. Seamless underwear can provide maximum comfort and provide you with complete mobility even when wearing a tight outfit, so your movement isn’t restricted.

However, not all seamless panties were created equal, and you will need to know what you’re looking for to find the best seamless underwear for you.

This requires a knowledge of the fabrics, styles, and other factors that affect the quality of your seamless panties. We have provided an analysis of these factors to help you find a pair of seamless panties that ticks all the boxes when you go underwear shopping.


When choosing the perfect pair of seamless panties, you need to consider the fabric. Your underwear should feel like a second skin if you wish to avoid panty lines when wearing underwear with tight clothes. This means that you should opt for lighter and thinner fabrics – as light as possible. The thinner the material, the less it shows under your clothes and the better it feels against your skin. You can get seamless panties in nylon, as well as seamless cotton underwear from EBY.

Cut Design Or Style

When choosing the perfect no-show underwear, you need to consider which style best suits you. You can choose from the following cuts:


If you usually like thongs, you will love super-soft seamless panties. Their seamless construction means no severe indentations in your skin, as you would get with a cotton thong. The seamless thong is an excellent alternative to your regular thongs and will keep you comfortable all day with ultra-thin and buttery soft fabric.

Thong - Best Seamless Underwear - EBY


If you are looking for the perfect underwear under your yoga pants, and aren’t comfortable wearing thongs, then the cheeky cut is a great alternative. The cheeky cut provides you with more coverage but doesn’t cover your butt cheeks, meaning you will have a flawless derriere in your yoga pants without having to wear a thong.

Cheeky Panties - Best Seamless Underwear - EBY


Like wearing shapewear? If you love your full coverage underwear and form-fitting shapewear, then boyshorts may be for you. They offer full coverage and tummy control with no panty lines while allowing you to wear short skirts, as they do not cover the mid-thigh area.

Boyshorts - Best Seamless Underwear - EBY

Classic Style

If you like your classic comfy panties for everyday wear, why not switch out your cotton underwear for more comfortable seamless panties? You will be free from visible panty lines and get full coverage while sticking to the cut you like best. Take a look at the different cuts and styles of the seamless panties available on EBY for some inspiration on what panty style might suit you best.

Brief Panties - Best Seamless Underwear - EBY


If you wear a lot of white, nude, or lighter colors, the best seamless underwear for you will be nude, white, or lighter panties. This way, you will be able to pair your seamless underwear with your light outfits without making the no-show underwear pointless (if there is a huge black outline of your underwear underneath your white gym leggings, nobody will be worrying about your VPL).


The perfect pair of seamless panties will be highly elastic with a four-way stretch. This way, the fabric will seamlessly blend in with your body while fitting tightly.


The fit of your seamless panties should be perfect; they shouldn’t be falling down or so tight that your skin bulges over them at the edges. This way, you will be able to have a flawless silhouette under your high-waisted yoga pants.

Seams And Tags

If your no-show underwear has seams and tags, these can show under clothing. You should ensure that the seamless panties you are buying have no tags or that the labels are easily removable and will not leave a residual card that could cause discomfort.


Seamless panties should feel like a second skin, which is why they are becoming a staple in most women’s underwear drawers. The fitting seamless panties for you will be super comfy with moisture-wicking and breathable fabric to maintain your vaginal health.


Now you know what to look for to find the best seamless panties for all-day wear and great coverage under your tight outfits, your shopping experience will be more effortless. If you’re ready to buy your first pair of super-soft seamless panties, why not check out the panties EBY has to offer, from seamless cotton to seamless nylon, or check out our other underwear and wardrobe staples. They offer a helpful subscription service with discounts so that you can keep your underwear drawer fresh and get rid of those old granny panties.