We asked our members which power they would most want — the answer across the board, “confidence.”

The Confidence Project provides access to a curated suite of stories & interviews from women of all walks of life, on the subject of confidence.

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Real Talk

Let’s relate! Hear from real women discussing issues of confidence, life, loss, goals, getting older — and how they show up powerfully.


Take a deep dive into these inspiring stories of triumph from EBY microloan recipients. These women turned breakdowns into breakthrough.

Paradigm Shifters

In-depth interviews with influential people from various fields sharing their views on how women can be confident and powerful.


The best of our Power Series and a deep dive into our favorite blog topics. All on the theme of finding the confidence to persevere.

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Darrah Brustein

Start defining confidence on your terms, not other people’s. It starts with uncovering what you want, then building the right relationships to support your vision, and actively choosing how you spend your time.


Deepak Chopra

Self-referral means that we identify with our inner self, the unchanging essence of our soul. Self-referral is an internal state of well-being that doesn’t depend on external circumstances.


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Renata - EBY

Renata Black

Founder / EBY and Seven Bar Foundation

Creator of the The Confidence Project, Renata is a former journalist who has established herself as a philanthropist and humanitarian through her commitment to eliminating poverty, focusing her vision on microfinance, and the empowerment of women.

Tasnia Choudhury

Journalist / Writer at EBY

A graduate of NYU majoring in Politics and Journalism dedicated to investigative journalism work. Insatiable curiosity has driven many of my articles on political activists, renegades, comics, entrepreneurs and others who share my ambition to shape the world with humanity and passion.

Real Talk


Paradigm Shifters

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